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If you’re looking for a new credit card, there’s certainly a lot of choice available to you.

As well as standard cards, there are some cards offering 0% balance transfers, some offering 0% on new purchases and some that offer both!

There are also cards on the market that offer cashback when you use your card to make purchases. Here, we’ll find out more about them.

Frequently Thought Questions

Choosing which type of credit card you want could be quite time consuming if you’re not sure which type suits you best. When it comes to cashback credit cards, you might have a few questions that you want answered. Look no further. We’ve put together some frequently thought questions that might just help with what’s on your mind.

What is a cashback credit card?

A cashback credit card gives you something back every time you spend on it. They’re just like reward cards, except that rather than giving you points, they give you money instead

Why get a cashback credit card?

Let’s face it, the credit card providers offer cashback to encourage you to spend more money. But, if you use the card to make your everyday purchases and receive cashback, then clearly that can only be a good thing – as long as you pay back anything you spend in full at the end of the month, otherwise it might not be such a good deal.

Do I get cashback everywhere I use the card?

Where you’ll get cashback depends on the card you choose. That means it’s really important to check before you take out the card. Don’t just assume you will. Some cards are issued by supermarkets or other commercial organisations, and will pay a higher percentage on purchases with them and a lower percentage when used elsewhere.

How much cashback will I get?

Again, that depends on the card that you choose – and be sure to read the small print. Advertisers will seek to portray their product in the most positive light, and a credit card offering 3% cashback might sound great. However, it’s not usually so straightforward, there are limits.

In December 2016 with a Santander 123 card for example, there is indeed 3% cashback on transport spend, but then 2% on department stores spend and 1% in supermarkets. Cashback is also capped at £9 maximum per month. Oh, and there’s a £3 monthly fee too – so make sure you factor that into your calculations!

Others will offer more generous rates, sometimes as much as 5% for a limited period before falling to 1.25% thereafter. You need to understand the restrictions beyond the highlighted rate before deciding if the card is right for you.

How do I get the cashback I’ve earned?

The cashback is usually paid to you monthly and is taken from your outstanding balance, though this does vary by card provider. In some cases, the cashback may be sent to you by cheque.

Are there any things I should look out for?

While you might easily understand the benefits of a cashback credit card, there are some things that might make them not such a great choice.

Compare Cashback credit cards

If you’ve decided on a cashback card and you’re clear on the pros and cons, that’s great. You can use our credit card comparison page to compare this specific type of card. However, if you’ve a few reservations about this card type, why not visit our comprehensive listings of credit card deals? That way you can easily compare cashback credit cards against other options. Comparing could not be easier, so get going and see how much you could save today.

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