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Visa offers a range of flexible worldwide spending with debit cards and credit cards. Here's what you need to know about the benefits they offer…

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What are the differences between Visa and Mastercard?

The differences between Visa and Mastercard credit cards are very few as they’re both globally accepted, but some countries favour one over the other. Visa credit cards are accepted in 29 million locations across the globe and there are more than 1.2 million Visa ATMs worldwide. 

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What are the benefits of using a Visa card?

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is provided by Visa to add an additional layer of security to your transactions – look out for the Verified by Visa logo when shopping online. It protects your card against unauthorised use and if you pay using your Visa card, then you’ll be able to claim your money back if:

  • you’re the victim of online fraud
  • your order is not delivered
  • you receive the wrong item
  • your order is delivered damaged
  • the company goes bust before your item arrives

24/7 global assistance

With Visa you can get emergency assistance anytime, anywhere. This helps you with reporting a lost or stolen card, getting an emergency card replacement or cash advance, finding an ATM location, and answering any questions relating to your account.


Visa cards can offer rewards like travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, travel concierge and more. The rewards that are offered to you will vary depending on the card you’ve got, from exclusive discounts to other premium benefits.

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout allows you to make quicker and easier payments online from a desktop, tablet or phone. Once you’ve set up your account, your details will be stored. If you see a Visa Checkout button when you’re buying something online then you’ll be able to reduce the number of checkout steps to a simple click.

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Travel refunds

Visa have partnered with AirRefund to make it easier and faster to claim some of your money back if your flight is cancelled or delayed. Travellers who purchase a flight ticket with their Visa card will benefit from lower fees in the event of a successful claim when using the AirRefund service.

You’ll need to provide AirRefund with your flight details and they’ll be able to tell you how much money you could get back.

Travel Tools app

Visa offers a free Travel Tools app that allows you to locate the nearest ATM machine, whether you’re in the UK or abroad. The app comes with a currency converter and handy country guides to help you while you’re abroad.

Which type of card is right for you?

Visa partner with a range of lender - allowing you to find the right one for you.

Purchase cards: you can spread the cost of your spending using a 0% purchase card.

Use abroad cards: you can use your Visa card to spend abroad, typically with low fees and favourable exchange rates. Using your Visa card abroad can also be better value than getting cash.

Reward cards: earn money back when you spend with a cashback card or earn points and vouchers with a rewards card.

Paying off another balance: consolidate your debts with a 0% balance transfer or money transfer card.

Building your credit: if you’re worried about a low credit score, then a credit building card could help you out.

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