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Compare credit cards

See easily & quickly what credit card types are in the market

See easily & quickly what credit card types are in the market

See easily & quickly what credit card types are in the market

See easily & quickly what credit card types are in the market

See easily & quickly what credit card types are in the market

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Let’s compare credit cards

Used wisely, a credit card is really rather handy. It’s great for those little emergencies, like when your car needs a new part. But it can be really confusing knowing which credit card to get – cashback, interest free credit or one where you can get rewards; sometimes it’s a case of too much choice and not enough information.

But we’re here to help – so if you don’t know your APR from your 0% and your idea of a balance transfer is shifting weight from one foot to the other, then let us help enlighten you. And if you need credit but worry you’re not credit worthy, get the lowdown on credit cards for bad credit.



Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), some providers have decided to temporarily stop offering credit cards through Compare the Market. As a result, we'll only be able to show you credit cards from providers still available, meaning you may see a reduced number of cards on our panel.
We understand that the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused financial difficulty for some of you. If you have a credit card and you’re worried about making repayments due to coronavirus, we’re here to help you understand the options available. 

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Frequently asked questions

Why compare credit cards with comparethemarket.com?

We let you compare credit card deals so you can find one that best suits your needs. It’s super-easy to filter your choices by card type, so whether you’re looking for 0% on balance transfers, 0% on new purchases or rewards on your spending, we’re here to help.

How do credit cards work?

Credit cards let you purchase things on credit, online and instore.

Each month, your card provider will send you a statement informing you of the outstanding balance and the minimum payment required.

If you choose to pay just the minimum amount and not the statement in full, you may incur interest charges on the outstanding balance. (Every credit card is different and will offer different interest charges and fees.)

What type of credit card is right for me?

Credit cards are sometimes useful to spread costs and manage debt. So if you’re looking for a card, the following options might be useful.

0% on new purchases Useful if you’re planning on buying expensive items. These cards allow you to spread the payment over a number of months instead of having to pay for it straight away. As long as you pay off the minimum amount each month and the outstanding amount before the 0% deal expires, this could be a useful card.

0% on your balance transfer These cards are usually used if you already have an amount on another card that you want to transfer over. This allows you to move the amount you owe onto a new card and pay no interest for a certain length of time, helping to spread the cost (however, check the details carefully as you could incur a balance transfer fee for moving money onto these cards).

0% on your balance transfer and purchases Some cards offer both features in one – worth considering if you’re switching and have an existing balance that you want to move, but still want to secure 0% on purchases. Again it’s worth noting that there could be a fee if you transfer a balance on to this type of card.

Reward cards Some cards offer a feature whereby you can earn cash back, points or air miles as you spend. Each card will have its own unique terms and conditions, however, so be clear on the small print.

Use abroad cards Designed specifically to use while you’re travelling or on holiday, these cards usually have low or no fees for foreign usage charges. They may also come with favourable exchange rates while spending abroad.

Money transfer cards These cards allow you to transfer cash from the card directly into your current account, allowing you to spend the money as you wish. You can repay the balance, often interest-free, over a set period of time. But watch out, you could be charged a money transfer fee.

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