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Thought the AA was just a motoring organisation for breakdown cover? Well think again because the AA actually provides a whole range of useful financial services, from life insurance and loans, to travel money and savings – it even has its own range of credit cards.

0% on balance transfers and new purchases

These cards are handy if you already have an outstanding balance on another card as you can transfer that balance over and then not have to pay interest on it for a set time – meaning you actually start paying off the debt rather than simply feeding the interest.

There are two cards that the AA have that offer this – the Balance Transfer card which gives you 0% on balance transfers for 37 months on transfers made within the first 3 months, but you do have to pay a 2.5% transfer fee. You’ll also won’t get charged interest on new purchases made within the first three months of getting the card.

Or you can opt for the Dual Credit Card giving you 0% on balance transfers made within the first three months – you’ll be charged a 2.98% fee for balance transfers. The card also gives you 0% on new purchases for 26 months.

Low APR card

The AA also offers a low 6.4% APR card (representative). While this isn’t the lowest rate on the market, there’s no annual fee and no balance transfer fee. 

Compare AA credit cards

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If your finances have stalled or completely broken down, then choosing the right credit card can help towards getting you back on track – whether it’s a credit builder card you need or just one where you can spread the cost of new purchases. Whatever your credit needs, there are dozens of credit cards to look at and comparing them is easy when you use our credit card comparison service.

With the exception of the FuelSave credit card all AA credit card details are based on information provided to on 27 October 2016.

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