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Asda is a well-known UK brand, much loved by shoppers who like to know they’re getting value for money. As with most supermarkets, Asda also provides a number of financial products too, including bank accounts and credit cards.

If you think an Asda credit card could be right for you, you’ve come to the right place – we can help you compare credit cards and see if Asda’s will give you a good deal.

The Asda Cashback credit card

The Asda Cashback credit card offers a number of benefits – particularly if you shop at Asda and its other associated brands.

If you’ve build up debt on another credit card, you may be interested to take advantage of the ability to transfer these balances to this new card. The Asda Cashback credit card will allow you to pay back these balances interest free if you do so within 12 months. You will though, have to pay a 3% transfer fee on any balance that is transferred across, and this will be added to the amount to repay.

The other big advantage of an Asda card, as the name suggests, is the cashback. You’ll get 1% cashback on all your Asda shopping and Asda fuel. You’ll also get 0.2% everywhere else. There’s no cap, so the amount of cashback is unlimited.

You’ll also get 0% interest on all purchases at over £200 for 6 months.

Finally, you can also get your holiday money from Asda Travel Money with no cash advance fees.

Importantly, the interest rate on this card is 19.9% APR. This means for your cashback to be worthwhile you need to pay off your balance on time each month. If you don’t, the interest and fees charged could offset a portion - if not all of the cashback that you’ve earned.

Compare other cards

Before committing to a new credit card, we’d suggest that it’s always worth doing a credit card comparison. That way you get to see what else is available on the market.

At the moment we’ve lots of cards which allow you to pay back transferred balances interest free, some with periods of 40 months, although there is often a fee to transfer your balance.  We also have cards that allow you to make purchases interest free and even some cards which allow both!

Try it today and compare the Asda card against others available.

All Asda credit card details are based on information provided to on 31st October 2016.

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