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With all the bank mergers there have been in the UK, it’s hard to work out who owns who! First of all, Bank of Scotland became part of the HBOS group after it merged with Halifax. Then it in turn, it was then swallowed up by Lloyds during the banking crisis a few years ago.

That means a number of credit cards branded with different organisations are actually by the same banking group. However, we’re leaving all that complexity to one side; here we’ll look at credit cards issued by Bank of Scotland in their name.

0% Balance transfer and 0% purchase credit cards

The reason for putting these together is that a number of Bank of Scotland credit cards offer both 0% interest on balances transferred to them and 0% interest on new purchases.

These cards are ideal for anyone who’s built up debt on another credit card and wants a cheaper way of repaying it. The 0% interest on future purchases also allows you to purchase other items or perhaps even do your Christmas shopping interest free.


Balance Transfer Interest Free Period

New Purchases Interest Free Period

Initial Transfer Fees


Platinum 40

40 months

6 months



Platinum 32

32 months

12 months



Platinum 24

24 months

24 months



Platinum 20

20 months

6 months



Classic Platinum

18 months

9 months



The balance transfer interest free period is the amount of time you can pay the transferred balance off without incurring any interest. You need to transfer the amount to the new card within 90 days of opening the account to benefit from this rate.

The new purchases interest free period is the amount of time you can purchase items and not have to pay interest on the repayments.

Transfer fees are sometimes applied to balances that are transferred from one credit card to another. The amount will be added to your bill.

The APR is a percentage rate which borrowing will cost you each year after any interest free periods expire. It takes into account an annual fee that may be charged.

A Low APR Card

If you’re looking for a simple credit card with a low interest rate, the Bank of Scotland Low Rate credit card could be just right for you. With an attractive APR of 6.4%, it has one of the lowest APR’s on the market at the moment. Additionally, there’s no transfer fee on any balances that you move to the card within the first 90 days. This means that if you’ve got expensive debt on other credit cards you might benefit from moving them across to this card to possibly save money.

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If none of these cards seem right to you don’t worry too much, we’ve got literally dozens of other cards available on our credit card comparison page. Visit it today and we’ll help you find an alternative card that’s just right for you.

All RBS credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 31st October 2016.

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