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The Black Diamond Visa credit card is a card designed by Credit Benefit Services, a UK credit broker, to help those who are looking to build their credit history.

If you’ve never applied for credit before, own your own business and find it hard to prove your income, or, have had issues with your credit rating in the past, it could be hard to get accepted for a regular credit card.

Black Diamond has been introduced to help people in this position.

About the Black Diamond Credit Card

If you’re successful in your application for a Black Diamond credit card, you’ll be given a credit limit of between £150 and £1,000, depending upon your personal situation.

The interest on the card is high compared to regular credit cards at 59.9% APR. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to make high interest payments however. You have up to 56 days’ interest free on your purchases, so provided you clear the balance before then, you’ll have nothing extra to pay.

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Before committing to a new Black Diamond credit card, we’d suggest that it’s worth doing a credit card comparison of other credit building cards - just to make sure you’re getting the best deal for you. Over the past few years, the number of providers has grown and there are now quite a few specifically designed to help you build your rating.

We’ve made it even easier to do this by setting up a specific category just for credit building cards.

Try it today and find the best credit card for you.

All Black Diamond credit card details are based on information provided on on 31 October 2016.

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