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What ‘C’ is a breed of farm horse and a Scottish bank? The answer if you didn’t know, is ‘Clydesdale’. But random facts aside, what else does the Clydesdale bank provide apart from its savings, current accounts and ISAs? Well, nestled in amongst their financial products, is a single credit card – the Gold MasterCard – here’s what it has to offer

All that glitters…is the Gold MasterCard

The Clydesdale’s Gold MasterCard credit card is pretty straightforward (even if it is a bit of a tongue twister). It offers 0% interest on new purchases and balance transfers and you can even transfer existing overdrafts onto it, to give you a bit of financial breathing space.

Compare Clydesdale credit cards

0% on new purchases

It’s always nice to buy new things and with the Gold MasterCard from Clydesdale Bank, you can spread the cost of your lovely new things, interest free over 26 months. So, if you know you’ve got some household repairs to do or need to fix up the car, then it can be a handy way of sorting out all those extra bills.

0% on balance transfers

Not only do you get 0% on purchases, but you also get 0% charged on balance transfers for 12 months. However, you’ll have to pay for the privilege as there’s a balance transfer fee, this means you’ll be charged on the balance you want to move over. So, if you’ve got a hefty existing credit card debt, then you should weigh up any savings you’ll make in interest versus the cost of the transfer fee.

What else should I know?

If you plan to use your card abroad, then you should also know that you’ll be charged a foreign transaction fee every time you use it.

Of course, no 21st century card would be complete without the benefits of contactless. So, if you qualify you’ll be able to make payments of £30 and under by simply placing your card on the contactless card reader – magic.

The MasterCard element also gives you access to the MasterCard ‘Priceless Cities’ scheme. This gives you extra rewards and savings on theatre trips and family favourites like the London Aquarium as well as offers worldwide.

If you’re already signed up to internet banking with Clydesdale, then you’ll also be able to manage your credit card online. However, if you only have a Clydesdale credit card, you won’t be able to view or manage your card online. So, if you prefer all your finances to be managed at your fingertips at home, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Needless to say, you should always pay your monthly instalments on time and if possible, in full. If you can’t then you should always aim to pay off the minimum. Missed payments could mean you end up with extra fees and charges to pay – which can quickly rack up, so if you’re struggling, make sure you speak to your credit card provider as soon as possible.

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Just because Clydesdale only have one horse in its credit card stable doesn’t mean that you’re also limited. There’s a wealth of credit cards out there – some with rewards and cashback offers, others with a no nonsense, straightforward approach. But don’t just take our word for it, start right now and for a credit card that’s just right for you.

All Clydesdale credit card details are based on information provided on data on 4 November 2016.

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