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Compare Halifax credit cards

The Halifax has been going since the mid-1850s so they know a thing or two about money, which is pretty handy if you’re thinking about getting a credit card from this high street banking provider. As you’d imagine, there’s a card for pretty much everyone – whether you want to transfer an existing balance, spread the costs when buying something big or are starting life as a student.

The balance transfer card

If you’re fed up of paying lots of interest on an existing credit card, then this could be the answer – Halifax have a few balance transfer cards which give you various interest free periods.

The interest free offers ranges from 25 months through to 41 months, there are some which will charge a transfer fee depending on the length of time you want the 0% period for. So for example, to enjoy 0% for 41 months then you’ll pay a 3.44% transfer fee but you won’t be charged anything to transfer to  0% for 25 months (on transfers made within the initial 90 days).

If you need to pay off debt but still want to spend, then consider a 0% balance transfer and new purchases card. The Halifax’s 26-month purchase and balance transfer card does pretty much what it says on the tin – it gives you 0% interest for 26 months on a transferred balance made within the first 90 days and new purchases.

The low rate card

Rather than offer a headline introductory offer, these cards give you a low rate of interest for the lifetime of the card. This one from the Halifax has a representative APR of 6.4% (variable) but this low rate will be reserved for those with tip top credit scores. Subject to your own circumstances you can expect an APR between 6.4% and 14.9%.

You can also transfer an existing balance onto this card with 0% interest, but this only applies if the transfer occurs within 90 days of taking it out (after 90 days you’ll be charged a 3% fee). 

Compare Halifax credit cards

The Clarity card

This offers a representative APR of 18.9% but again depending on your credit history that could go up to 25.9%. The benefit of this card is that you can use it anywhere in the world and not be charged any foreign transaction fees. You also won’t be charged for taking out cash (although the cash machine provider might still charge you). You also get a free balance transfer on this card.

The Student card

This is exactly what it sounds like – a card designed for students and is available directly from halifax.co.uk. You’ll get a credit limit of up to £1,000 (depending on your circumstances) and there’s no annual fee either. The nifty thing about this card is that there’s no excuse for getting your money is a mess – they’ll send you your balance weekly by text as well as alert you when a payment is due.

Credit – know the score

With any type of credit card, it’s really important make your repayments on time every month, if you don’t you could be hit with late fees and also end up paying interest which can all add up and turn a little debt into a larger one. But, used sensibly, credit cards can be useful for spreading the cost of everyday items and all the other bits and bobs that crop up.

And it’s not just the Halifax that offer a range of credit cards, so before you commit to one, check out what else is on offer – it’s easy when you use our credit card comparison service.

With the exception of the Student credit card all Halifax credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 27 October 2016.

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