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Lloyds Bank has certainly been with us a while, over 300 years in fact! The Lloyds Bank of today has grown significantly after taking over the TSB, Halifax and Bank of Scotland businesses in recent years.

With its famous black horse an iconic symbol of the bank, Lloyds provides many services to both business and individual customers. Lloyds has a number of credit cards available to suit all kind of needs.

Pay 0% on your balance transfer and new purchases

If you’ve built up credit card debt, you may be able to transfer your balance to a new card and pay it off interest free. Alternatively, with Christmas coming, perhaps you’d like to make your purchases on a credit card which is free from interest. Perhaps you want both!

With Lloyds you’ve plenty of choice as they have four different cards offering some combination of 0% interest on balance transfers and new purchases.

While these cards appear relatively similar, they have important differences. Firstly, the length of time over which you can repay the balance interest free differs. You can choose from 20, 24, 32 or 40 months. Similarly, on the purchase side, the interest free period varies, with between 6, 12 and 24 months of interest free purchases available.

With these four cards you may have to pay a transfer fee on any balance that you’re transferring over to your new card so look out for that. It’s also worth considering what the APR on the card is, as this is what you’ll have to pay at the end of the interest free periods.

Reward card

If you’d like a credit card that offers you something extra, the Lloyds Bank Choice Rewards Card might be the card for you. It comes with a choice of benefits including high street vouchers, cash back or even Avios that you can put towards flights. This card does come with a £24 annual fee but this can be reduced to £12 if you also have a Club Lloyds current account.

Compare Lloyds credit cards

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Don’t worry, there are literally dozens of credit cards out there. We can help make comparing them really simple. Simply visit our credit card comparison page and we’ll help you find the right card for you.


All Lloyds Bank credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 27 October 2016.

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