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The marbles credit card is known as a credit building credit card. It is designed to help people who find themselves in the position where getting accepted for a regular card is difficult.

These could be people who’ve never applied for credit before, so simply have no credit history. Some self-employed people sometimes struggle as it might be tricky to prove income levels. Others, who’ve had credit troubles in the past, may have damaged credit histories that need to be rebuilt.

The marbles credit card can provide help to people in these situations, let’s find out more about it.

The marbles credit card

The marbles credit card isn’t going to offer you interest free purchases, balance transfers or the lowest interest rate going, but if accepted, you will be starting to build or rebuild your credit history.

With a credit limit set between £250 and £1,200, you will have the opportunity every fourth month of having this increased should you wish. To be considered for this, you need to use the account responsibly. This means making sure you meet your minimum payments on time, as well as staying within your credit limit.

The interest rate applicable to the card is 33.8% APR, which isn’t cheap. Avoid paying interest charges by paying off your card in full each month.

Finally, marbles offers what it calls FastCheck eligibility checking. This lets you assess your chances of acceptance without damaging your credit rating.

Compare other cards

Before applying for a new marble card, we’d suggest that it’s worth doing a credit card comparison of other credit building cards first. There are now a number of alternative cards available offering a range of different options. That means that there could be a card that is better suited for your needs.

We’ve made the process of comparing credit cards really simple.

Try it today and find the best credit card for you.

All Marbles credit card details are based on information provided on www.marbles.co.uk on 2nd November 2016.

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