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Compare Post Office credit cards

The Post Office isn’t just about stamps, envelopes and bubblewrap, they’ also provide lots of financial products, from insurance to travel money. They also have a number of credit cards that could help you pay back existing debt more quickly as well as providing 0% interest on anything new that you buy – so let’s find out more shall we?

The Post Office Matched Credit Card

If zero interest on your purchases is important to you, this could be the Post Office card that suits you best, as it gives the longest interest free period of all the cards they offer – a whole 27 months.

You can also transfer a balance from an existing card onto the Matched card and enjoy 0% on that for 16 months, although you will be charged a transfer fee (2.98%) and you must make the transfer within three months of having the card.

After the introductory 0% period ends, the representative APR is 18.9% although the rate you get will depend on your own circumstances so it could go up to 22.9%.

The Post Office Balance Transfer Credit Card

If you’ve got debt on another credit card but are fed up of only paying back the interest rather than the actual debt, then you could consider transferring what you owe to a balance transfer card.

The Post Office’s offers 0% on balance transfer for 37 months – you do have to pay a 2.49% transfer fee and you must make that transfer within three months of getting the card. But you also get 0% interest on new purchases for three months (from opening the account). The APR on this card ranges from 18.9% to 24.9% once the introductory period ends – the APR you’ll be charged will depend on your circumstances. 

The Post Office Platinum Credit Card

If you travel lots, then this could be a good option as you won’t get charged any transaction fees for anything bought abroad. You’ll also get 0% interest charged on balance transfers made within the first 90 days for 22 months and as an added bonus, you won’t be charged a transfer fee either.

Once the 0% periods end then the APR ranges from 17.8% to 22.9% and as with the other Post Office cards, which APR you’re charged will depend on your individual circumstances. 

Compare Post Office credit cards

Answers on a postcard please…

The one thing all the Post Office cards have in common? If you use your credit card to buy travel money at the Post Office, then you won’t be charged any fees for buying it.

Like with all credit cards, to really benefit from it, you need to make sure you stay within your credit limit and pay off your monthly bills in full. If you can’t then, you should be at least paying off the minimum.

But it’s not just the Post Office that offer 0% on balance transfers and new purchases, there’s a whole range to choose from. You might also want to consider other types of credit card – like ones that offer you rewards such as cashback; so to find a credit card that suits you, just use our credit card comparison service today.

All Post Office credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 27 October 2016.

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