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Compare RBS Credit Cards

As UK banks go, they don’t come much bigger than the Royal Bank of Scotland. RBS was founded way back in 1727 in Edinburgh, and has grown following the purchase of many other banks over the years. Some of these are well known banking names such as NatWest.

RBS issues credit cards as part of its banking operation, and if you’ve reached this page then perhaps you’re thinking an RBS credit card is just right for you.

A simple low APR credit card

If you’re looking for a simple, low interest credit card to use for balance transfers and or purchases, the RBS Clear Rate Platinum or NatWest Clear Rate Platinum credit cards could be for you. With an APR of 11.1%, these are amongst the lowest rates available. The APR takes into account a £24 annual fee which is payable on both cards.

Compare RBS credit cards

Reward cards

If you’re interested in getting rewards when you spend on your credit card, you could check out the RBS and NatWest Reward credit cards. With these cards you earn 1% cash back when you use your card at all supermarkets and 0.5% at their petrol stations. In addition, you’ll earn at least 1% at MyRewards Retailers and 0.5% everywhere else you shop at home and abroad.

Other benefits of this rewards card are cashback bonuses for using contactless payment and Apple Pay.

Note that there is a £24 annual fee which is included in the APR of 17.4%, though it is possible to get the £24 refunded if you hold a Reward or Reward Black bank account.

Remember, if you don’t clear your balance each month, the interest will soon eat in to the cash back you’ve earned. That’s why these cards are best used by disciplined credit card users who pay off their balance on time each month.

Not found what you are looking for?

If these cards don’t appeal, don’t worry, you can compare many different cards at our comparison page. Here, you’ll find these RBS cards and others helpfully categorised to make your search that little bit easier. Try it today and find a credit card that is just right for you.


All RBS and NatWest credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 27 October 2016.

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