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Having initially focused on the travel industry, Saga plc now offers a number of different services to their over 50s customer base.

While they’re still taking over 250,000 passengers on holiday each year, the group is now a big provider of healthcare services, insurance, investment services and personal finance.

As a part of their personal finance offering, Saga have available the Saga Platinum credit card.

Let’s find out a little more about it here.

The Saga Over 50s Platinum Credit Card

The Saga Platinum credit card is provided by Allied Irish Banks plc. It has a wide range of benefits including interest free balance transfers, interest free purchases and travel services.

If you’ve a balance that you’ve built up on a previous credit cards, you’d have the option of transferring them to the Saga Platinum credit card. This will allow you 9 months to repay the outstanding balances without paying any interest. While there is a 3% transfer fee that you’ll need to pay on the amount being transferred, you could still save a lot of money by not having to pay an alternative cards higher interest rate.

As well as interest free balance transfers, new customers are also offered 9 months interest free on any new purchases. This would allow you to buy a particular item or simply manage your finances more effectively by spreading the repayments over time without any charge.

The Saga Over 50s Platinum card comes with a relatively low interest rate. At 11.9%, this is currently very competitive against other cards also offering interest free periods on balance transfers and purchases.

If you’re a traveler you might also appreciate the 0% foreign currency fees that are applied to transactions worldwide. There are also numerous other offers you’ll be eligible for at many resorts and hotels. You’d need to enquire when you book to find out if any apply.

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While the APR on the Saga Platinum credit card is good, it might not be the best. There could be longer balance transfer and interest free periods available on other cards. What’s the best card for you? That really comes down to what’s important to you.

The best way to find out is to do a full comparison. We make that really simple to do. All you have to do is click here to try it today.

All Saga credit card details are based on information provided on on 2nd November 2016.

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