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There’s not a lot that the Virgin brand don’t do, from space travel to selling records and financial services – like providing credit cards. With no less than nine Virgin cards (11 if you want air miles) you’re certainly not short of one to choose from. But which one is right for you? Well, let’s take a look...

Balance transfer cards

Virgin offers a range of 0% interest on balance transfer cards with each one offering a different interest free period – ranging from 6 months to 40 months.  There’s typically a balance transfer fee on all these cards, which will vary depending on the length of the balance transfer offer.

With these cards you need to check the transfer limitations, some may specify that you transfer the balance over within a certain number of days of taking out the card – if you wait until after, you’ll miss the offer and fees will take effect.

Most of the Virgin balance transfer cards come with 0% interest on new purchases, limited to the initial three months, but there may be exception – so make sure you check the features before you apply.

Want a card that offers a bit of everything?

If you’re planning to pay off a balance but also want to use the card to buy things, then you could find the All Round Credit Card useful – there are two of them with differing zero interest rates for purchases.

The first offers 0% interest on new purchases, balance and money transfers for 25 months. There is a fee for moving a balance across to this card (1.50%) and you’ll be charged a fee of 2% for making a money transfer. The APR after the 25 months is a representative 18.9% although this is subject to your own circumstances so it could be higher.

The other Virgin card that’s a good all-rounder is the 27-month Purchase Credit Card. This card is useful if you’re wanting to make lots of new purchases as it gives you 0% on new stuff for a whole 27 months. You’ll also get 0% interest charged on balance transfers at 2.99% per transfer and 0% money transfers but only for 20 months at a 4% fee.

Love travel? get rewarded with air miles

Virgin Atlantic Credit Cards offer two travel credit cards called the White Credit Card and the Black Credit Card which offer air miles in exchange for money spent on the card.

With these accounts you’ll get an American Express (Amex) and a Visa card (Amex isn’t accepted in some stores) but you’ll get more air miles using the American Express. The White Credit Card gives you 1 air mile for every £1 spent (using the Amex) whilst the Black will give you 2 air miles for every £1 spent if you use the Amex.

If you use the corresponding Visa card, you’ll get 1 air mile for every £2 spent using the White card and 1 air mile for every £1 spent with the Black card. There’s no annual fee for the White Credit Card but you’ll pay a £140 yearly fee for the privilege of using the Black one.

The representative APR on the White card is 22.9% and a larger 57.4% on the Black – again these are the lowest APRs so what you’ll actually get depends on your credit status.

Tough choices

Whichever credit card you go for always remember to stay on top of your repayments – missed or late payments mean you could get charged and it’ll show up on your credit report and could make it harder to apply for credit in the future.

Whilst Virgin offer a wide range of credit cards, they aren’t the only ones available. To really get an idea of what else is out there, there’s only one thing you need to do – and that’s use our credit card comparison service.

All Virgin credit card details are based on information provided to comparethemarket.com on 27 October 2016.

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