High interest current accounts

As you may know, the bank base rate dropped to 0.25% as of August 2016. With it being so low, it’s harder than ever to earn interest on your cash and savings.

All the more reason to look just a little bit harder at what the best interest paying current accounts are out there. Better still, you don’t even need to do that. You can just read on as we’ve done the work for you!

Finding a high interest current account

If your savings are languishing and not even covering inflation, you may want to consider finding a better current account and switching as the interest you could earn may be better. Comparing and switching bank account is easier now than it has ever been.

If you use our comparison service, we can show you all the rates available on over 100 different bank accounts. What’s more, we’ll also then conveniently link you through to the provider so you can get the switching process underway.

Gone are the days when switching bank account could have taken up to a month. Banks are now required to have you set up and switched within seven days. That includes changing any direct debits and standing orders as well as ensuring your salary is paid into the new account.

Better rate current accounts

The ‘best’ account for you will depend on your circumstances. How much you have in the account, how much you are regularly paid, the size of your bills and the value to you of any cash back. You can find out more about how to find the best current account for you here. Some of them will have higher interest rates than others but it’s all about finding the right account for you.

Terms and conditions apply on all bank accounts so be sure to read the detail before you go ahead with any application.

Don’t be stuck earning no interest on your hard earned savings. Compare bank accounts today and see if you could be earning more interest.

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