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Compare HSBC Current Accounts

HSBC is the biggest bank in Europe and it boasts a massive high street presence, so it should be on your radar if you’re looking for a new current account.

With a large number of incentives, basic banking for those that need it and a whole range of complementary services, HSBC makes a powerful case for itself.


Do you want a HSBC current account?

Before committing yourself to a current account though, you may very well find that you could be better served elsewhere whether due to the terms of the account or the incentives that can be offered. Banks continue to change their offers regularly, so the best way to find a fair deal for you would be to use our price comparison service.

We can help you compare a range of the best value current accounts on the market based on your criteria. So when you sign on the dotted line you’ll know for sure that you’ve made the right choice.

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What are the benefits of a HSBC account?

‘The world’s local bank’ offers everything from a free and basic account, right through to feature-packed premium options. You can also choose from a variety of add-ons that will give you the opportunity to tailor your account to meet your requirements.

Premier Account customers benefit from reduced mortgage arrangement fees, travel insurance and other perks. There’s a catch though, as you need to have an income of £100,000 or hold £50,000 of investments with the bank. An Advance Account will give you the mortgage fee reduction, but not the travel insurance. It is however more accessible, as you will only need to deposit £1,570 a month to be eligible. And both of these accounts come with a linked savings account that offers 6% interest rate.

All but the basic account come with a range of overdrafts to choose from that mean you can slip into the red as and when required.  However these will be a charge for any un-agreed overdrafts.

Between all of these accounts you’ll also find a Pay Monthly Account that costs £10 and affords you many of the Premier features.

Europe’s biggest bank has accounts for children from seven years and up and has a range of accounts for later in life. There are Student and Graduate accounts to help you get through university and then everything from a Basic bank account to the Premier Account. 

Who qualifies for an HSBC account?

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply for a basic account. If you are over 18 and can commit to paying in a minimum £500 a month and will submit to a credit register search to prove your identity, then you should be able to secure a HSBC current account in some form. The level of the account and the facilities provided, will of course depend on your circumstances.

What does a HSBC current account offer?

HSBC provides round the clock online and telephone banking, a Visa debit card with contactless pay and £500 daily withdrawals with no monthly fee. The bank makes it easy to apply for an overdraft and ensures its current account customers have access to savings accounts with higher rates of interest.

You can also access an HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA if you want to start saving and pending approval, a credit card or a personal loan to help you organise your finances.

Is an HSBC current account for me?

HSBC has a number of solid options if you’re looking for a current account, but you should always see what is on offer elsewhere before you sign up for financial products. There is a mass of current accounts on the market and you can choose from high interest accounts through to others that offer rewards on your monthly bills.

So all you need to do is use our current account comparison service to compare the various options and find the one that works best for you. So get comparing and see how much you could save!

All HSBC current account details are based on information provided on hsbc.co.uk data on 16 April 2016

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