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NatWest Current Account

NatWest (Royal Bank of Scotland Group) is one of the big four largest banks in the United Kingdom and has a major presence on the high street, so it’s an obvious choice for your day to day banking. So how does its current account stack up against the competition?

Current accounts are increasingly complicated and each bank offers its own range of incentives, which include better interest rates and sometimes money off your weekly shopping bill. Therefore, you need to do your research and find the account that is the best fit for you.

The easiest way to do that is to use our comparison service to pitch the likes of the NatWest current account against the best of the rest. This only takes a few minutes to return the best options for you.


What does a NatWest Current Account Offer?

There are a variety of accounts you can choose from, including:

  • Basic Account
  • Select Account
  • Reward
  • Reward Silver
  • Reward Platinum
  • Reward Black
  • Student Account
  • Graduate Account

There is an account for everyone, from people with bad credit and a limited income through to high-flying executives that demand the best service.  The Basic and Select accounts offer free banking, but the Reward account costs £3 a month and the Reward Black costs £28 a month*, so you’ll need to pay for your privilege.

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Are you eligible for a NatWest Current Account?

If you’re 18 or over and a UK resident, you’re almost certainly eligible for a current account with NatWest. Of course, the higher grades mean something for example if you want a Reward Black account then you have an income of £100,000, a mortgage of more than £300,000 or £100,000 in savings deposited with the bank. 

What benefits do you get with a Natwest Account?

Depending on the account, it comes with a £10-£500 interest free threshold that allows you to slip into the red without getting charged. Mobile banking, Apple Pay and 3% rewards on your household bills that you pay with Direct Debit are all included too**.

Every account gets online banking and emergency cash when you need it and a debit card equipped with the Contactless payment system.

The Reward Silver account gets annual multi trip European travel insurance and preferential rates when you change money. Whilst the Reward Platinum brings Worldwide travel insurance and a concierge-style travel service.

With the Reward Black you’ll get worldwide airport lounge access, valet parking at certain airports, the concierge service and annual, global multi-trip travel insurance. You can also get 10% off holidays with a number of operators, so it’s fair to say that travel is high on the agenda for NatWest customers***.

This could be a major factor in deciding if the NatWest Current Account is right for you. If you travel regularly then the travel insurance could represent a real saving. If you are a home body and prefer to spend your time in England, then you might not appreciate the perks on that offer. Of course the travel incentives are just part of the package, but they’re a big selling point. So you have to decide if that is something that would be a benefit to you.

What interest do you get on a NatWest Current Account?

Neither the NatWest Select or the NatWest Rewards accounts will earn you any interest in your savings. However the Reward accounts do give you 3% cashback on selected household bills paid by direct debit (terms and conditions will apply).

If you’re looking for a savings account then the NatWest Saving Builder in our savings accounts comparison may be more useful, with a 1.5% variable interest rate on balances over £1 - £5000.

There is so much variety these days that you really must weigh up the offers before you buy. Use our price comparison  service and make your decision carefully to feel confident knowing that you’ve chosen the best current account for your lifestyle.

All NatWest current account details are based on information provided on natwest.com data on 16 April 2016

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