Chocolate doesn’t go as far as it used to – but we’re not just talking about the shrinking ‘family’ sized boxes of Christmas chocolates. Because, leaked minutes from a meeting between the Department for Transport and shipping ports, show that British shoppers are being short changed on all sorts of food and drink.

But it’s not a government conspiracy to slim down our waistlines, it’s all because of…Brexit.

That’s right, voting to leave the EU has meant that we might have to get used to ‘fun size’ being ‘standard size’ when it comes to our sweet treats. The only things not fun sized are the prices, which remain the same (what a surprise).

It’s no secret that the value of the pound, has fallen – by about 15% since the vote in June 2016. As sterling is worth less, importers have responded by reducing the size of food and drink products coming into the UK. For example, some bottles of orange juice are now coming in measures of 950ml instead of one litre.

Other illustrations of candy cutbacks include the Maltesers slogan being taken quite literally. The malty balls may well be ‘the lighter way to enjoy chocolate’ but they’re lighter in more ways than one because there are now 18g less of them in the bag. Manufacturer Mars, has also reduced its family sized bags of M&Ms by 25g – and as a single serving of M&Ms is classed as 42g –someone in the family’s going to end up hard done by. **

The UK imports nearly half (48%) of its food and if the pound continues to fall, then, we’ll eventually all feel the pinch. Of course, many food manufacturers would have us believe that nothing’s changed. But whether it’s a devalued currency, higher transport costs, or the increasing cost of ingredients, chocoholics out there know when their favourite treat’s been fiddled with.

Sadly, there’s not a lot that we can do about ‘shrinkflation’ as it’s become known (except perhaps, to give in to gluttony and have that second chocolate bar). One of the things you can do however, is to save money where you can – like making sure you get the right deal for you on your home, car and pet insurance. So, today and make sure you get your money’s worth.


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