We all love a bit of TV – and around 95% of us either have one or watch live TV on another device. We also spend an average of eight years and 10 months of our lives staring at the goggle-box – what was that about getting square eyes? So, to celebrate our flat screens, curved screens or old school cathode ray boxes, the UN has declared Monday 21 November as ‘World Television Day’.

It might seem odd that the UN of all people are promoting World Television Day – after all, what’s the United Nations got to do with TV, shouldn’t they be promoting world peace and global cooperation? Well, the UN believes that TV plays a hugely important role in all our lives. Because there’s much more to the box than your favourite soap or shouting answers at it when you’re watching a quiz; there’s also more to it than just forking out for your licence fee.

TV brings us together, it gives us something to talk about, share and enjoy. It also brings the world into focus, straight into our homes and it opens our eyes to what’s going on outside of our own four walls. It also inspires us to do stuff – like learn how to bake, sew or take up a new sport (and sometimes it’s just nice to watch other people’s efforts whilst you’re on the sofa with a cuppa and a biscuit).

Which is why making sure you’re getting the most out of your TV package is vital – it’s all well and good knowing what you like right now; but your next favourite pastime, hobby or TV show could be on a channel you don’t currently have. At comparethemarket.com, we know that thinking outside of the box you currently have isn’t always a priority but isn’t it worth finding out if  combining your broadband, phone and TV package could actually save you money and hassle? So, before you settle down, swap the remote for a mouse and start comparing digital TV – there’s always something worth watching somewhere, you just need to find it.