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Unlucky in love, maybe not. Unlucky with your energy provider, probably

How would you describe your relationship with energy supplier? Solid and long-term, on the brink of break-up, or ‘complicated’?

Well, a fifth of you would describe it as the latter according to our latest survey, admitting that you’re ‘rarely in touch’ and think ‘they’re taking advantage’ of you. Despite these shortcomings – and a host of other complaints –  it appears that the majority of you are choosing to stick it out with your supplier.

In fact, our latest survey has revealed that the average Brit is spending a whopping four years with their energy provider which – for many – is longer than their longest romantic relationship. Indeed, two in five of you admitted that you’d been with your energy provider for more years than your longest partner!

So, why is this the case? 

Well, it appears that many of you find it difficult to cut ties with your supplier. Indeed, one in 10 of you have stated that you’ve found it more difficult to leave your energy supplier than your most recent loved one.

These figures aren’t encouraging, and means that millions of you are likely to be paying more for your energy when your existing tariffs come to an end. In fact, over 96,000 customers will be hit with an average bill increase of roughly £200 this month alone – a total cost of over £19 million!

However, we know that cutting ties isn’t always easy. With this in mind –  and with millions of you finding it harder to break up with your supplier than with your ex – we’ve pulled a handy step-by-step guide together to give you the confidence to break it off.

So look no further if you’re looking to switch providers and follow the below steps. Who knows, the right partner could be just around the corner!

It's complicated
Peter Earl

Peter Earl

Head of Energy


“Whilst some Brits might find themselves feeling loved-up this week as they celebrate Valentine’s Day, these findings clearly demonstrate that people won’t put up with a partner that doesn’t understand their needs, or stay in relationships if there is a lack of trust. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their relationship with their energy suppliers – with a number of Brits choosing to stick it out in spite of their supplier’s shortcomings. 

With more than 70 tariffs coming to an end this month and next, I’d encourage all consumers to consider the quality of the relationship and value for money with their current energy provider and to take a moment to assess whether it’s time to start afresh with a new one.”

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