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When you look at your energy bill, do you really know what you’re paying for? Research shows that many UK households might be sticking with bad energy plans because of baffling bills.

Peter Earl From the Energy team
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What does a simple bill look like?

We asked people like you what they want to see on their bills – and here’s an example of a bill that does the job.

Simple bill

The research behind it all

We know simple bills can make a difference. In 2017 we got together with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) – an independent think tank – to dig deep into the energy market, looking at what works for consumers and what doesn’t.

In particular, we asked the IPPR to look at what’s preventing UK households from taking advantage of competitive energy tariffs and switching their energy supplier.

The research behind it all

Here’s what they found out…

Their report highlights confusion around bills as the biggest barrier to consumers making the most of the very competitive energy plans currently available.

Other reasons for not switching suppliers include:

  • a lack of trust in energy companies
  • not having access to the internet
  • a lack of awareness that it’s actually possible to change suppliers

Some consumers said they felt energy companies just “don’t speak the same language”. 

The report also explores other issues within the energy market, including:

  • how the roll-out of smart meters will impact our homes
  • what we can learn from other countries about how simple bills could work
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Peter Earl

Peter Earl

Compare the Market

Head of Energy

“This report is a positive step in identifying where the issues in the energy market lie, and ways in which regulators and energy companies can improve the system to help reduce the financial burden on consumers. However, action needs to be taken to ensure that people are getting the information they need and, vitally, that it’s clear so they can understand it and act upon it. We need a bill jargon bonfire, and it’s time to light the match.”

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