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Warm Home Discount Scheme

Warm Home Discount Scheme

If you’re struggling with high energy prices over the winter, you might be able to get £140 off your electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. Here’s what you need to know about the scheme for 2019/2020.

Peter Earl
From the Energy team
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posted 6 FEBRUARY 2020

What is the Warm Home Discount Scheme?

It’s a government scheme that’s regulated by Ofgem, and is designed to give financial help to people who struggle to pay their energy bills over the winter months.  

The Warm Home Discount is a one-off discount on your winter electricity bill, between September and March.  

If you’re eligible, you won’t actually receive a payment. Instead, you’ll get a rebate of £140, which will be credited to your electricity account and will come directly from your energy supplier.  

Am I eligible for the Warm Home Discount Scheme?

There are two ways to qualify:

  • If you’re getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit you should automatically qualify for the discount, as long as your name or your partner’s name is on the energy bill and your energy supplier is part of the scheme. This is known as the ‘core group’.

You can check the list of participating suppliers on gov.uk.

  • You’re on a low income and meet your energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme. This is known as the ‘broader group’.

If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible or not, contact your energy supplier directly. You may be able to get the discount on your gas bill instead if your supplier provides you with both gas and electricity (dual fuel). 

The discount will not affect your Cold Weather Payment or  Winter Fuel Payment.

Can I still get the Warm Home Discount if I use a pre-pay or pay-as-you-go meter?

Yes. Contact your energy supplier to find out how you’ll get the discount. Usually, it’s a voucher that can be used to top up your meter.

How do I claim for the Warm Home Discount?

If you’re getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, you should receive a letter between October and December 2019 to confirm that you qualify. Your energy supplier will then automatically add the discount to your energy bill before the end of the March 2020. There’s no need to apply, as the process is automatic.  

If you don’t receive a letter but you think you may be eligible, you can contact the Warm Home Discount Team on 0800 731 0214 Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.  

If you’re on a low income, you’ll need to contact your energy supplier directly to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply. The name of your supplier will be on your energy bill.  

Be aware that most energy suppliers offer the discount on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and numbers are limited, so it’s important to apply early.  

Contact your energy supplier to find out more.

What happens if I switch energy supplier?

If you switch energy supplier before the Warm Home Discount is paid, you may no longer be eligible for the rebate with your original supplier, and may need to apply for the scheme with your new energy supplier instead.  

Eligibility criteria may differ between energy suppliers, so be sure to check the details before switching. We make this easier for you by confirming whether a supplier participates in the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

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