A guide to energy monitors

This electrical age we live in is great isn't it? All this technology and gadgetry surrounding us – we're so used to having everything at our finger tips.

But with all the convenience it's easy to forget that it all costs money. So it's not just the energy companies who are to blame for our skyrocketing bills then? Nope, and you can actually do something about it. Why not buy an Energy Monitor?

Handy technology

This wonderful little machine enables you to see how many kilowatts your house is using. It monitors in real-time and if you enter your current tariff it will tell you exactly how much it's costing.

It usually comes in two pieces – a sensor which you clip to the power supply going to your meter and a wireless display that lives in your home and gives you all that information.

When your household's output is low the machine blinks green. But once you power up the hairdryer, the TV and start charging your phone, along with all the other devices that are constantly on like the fridge, it could turn red.

So how will you know what devices are using all the electricity?

Now you’ve got an energy monitor, you want to understand what’s responsible for your high utility bill. The sensor will not be able to tell you exactly – but you can work it out for yourself by starting with the minimum amount of devices running (your fridge, perhaps).

Then start turning things on – you'll soon see which ones are the energy guzzlers. It doesn't mean you can't use them, just make sure they're only turned on only when needed.

Don't let it rule your life

Once you get an energy monitor, it’s easy to become addicted to the green light. You could find yourself sat in the dark, with no heating on and turning off all devices just to keep that light green. But there’s no need to go that far.

What the Energy Sensor should really be about is just helping you track energy, and only use it when you need it. You'll be surprised how easy it is to save money by just being aware (and doing something about it).

Are they expensive?

You can pick a monitor up for anything between £20 and £100, which could be worth the savings you make in the long-run. Some energy suppliers give them away, so if you're due to switch providers you might like to look out for any offers.

Don't do half a job

Using an energy monitor isn't the only way to save money on your electric bill. It's worth regularly comparing the suppliers and change whenever you see a better deal. 

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