Get competitive gas and electricity prices in seconds

Snapt is the fastest, simplest way to see if you could save money on your energy bills, with no form filling or questions to complete.

Use Snapt to scan the code on your latest energy bill. We’ll find you a list of competitive gas and electricity prices that meet your needs in seconds. On average customers could save £330^^ on their annual energy bill.

^^Total sum of savings calculated from CTM dual fuel customer switches from Jan-April 2017.

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Here's how Snapt works:


Find your latest energy bill.

We can help with your electricity, gas or combine both for you if you’d like to see dual tariff prices. 


Scan the code on your bill using Snapt.

All major energy providers now supply a code on their bill that contains data about how you
use your energy.

Open Snapt and follow the instructions to scan the code from your bill.

Online billing? No problem. Point Snapt at the computer screen and we'll read the code.


You could be one tap away from reducing your bills.

Check and confirm the data that we've found in the code on your bill.

We'll then find energy prices that meet your usage needs in seconds and give you all the guidance you need if you choose to switch to a cheaper tariff.


What happens after I switch?


Week 1-2 

Your new supplier will send you a contract by post or by email to confirm your tariff, current rates and how you want to pay. They will also contact your old supplier for you, letting them know you're switching provider.

Week 3-4

Your new supplier will either phone or write to you to confirm the date they will become your energy supplier. If you have any outstanding bills with your old supplier this may delay the start date.

Week 5-6

Your new supplier will ask you to provide them with a reading; you can usually do this online or by phone.

Week 7-8

Your new supplier will confirm in writing when the switch has happened. They will also provide details of your account number, which will be required should you need to contact them.


Faster Switching 

Many energy suppliers have cut the time it takes to switch your supply from an average of 6-8 weeks to just 17 days, making it a much quicker and easy experience for you to move to a new provider.