79% of people would recommend their smart meter

According to the latest research from Smart Energy GB, nearly eight in ten (79%) of people who have received a smart meter from their energy company would recommend one to others. 

Positive reactions

As of August 2016, 3.5m smart meters had been installed across the country. Everyone in the country has the chance to upgrade to a smart meter by 2020, and the latest findings suggest that the overall reaction to the meters so far is positive.

79% of people would recommend their smart meter

Check your usage

The smart meter uses an In-Home Display (IHD), which shows you your usage information in pounds and pence, as well as kilowatt hours (kWh) – updating every half an hour. You can use this to monitor your usage throughout the month and hopefully avoid unexpected bills. 87% of those with one say that they now have a greater understanding of what they’re spending on energy, and 78% of you with one claim to regularly check it, with 33% saying they check it daily.

Energy saving

80% of people with a smart meter say that they have taken at least one step to reduce their energy usage, for example turning off lights and turning the heating down. The results of simple actions such as these will be visible on the smart meter – helping to show you that your efforts can pay off.

Smart meters mean an end to estimated bills, creating fairer prices as you are only charged for how much energy you actually use. More competitive tariffs are also emerging as a result of the roll-out. Providers, due to the smart meter, have more data available, meaning time-of-use tariffs for off peak use can result in much cheaper prices for you.

And if you’re looking to make even more savings, why not compare energy tariffs and see if you could cut your bills even further?