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Am I being overcharged for my gas or electricity?

There are two ways in which you could be overcharged for your energy. Your supplier might have messed up your bill and overcharged you or, you might be paying much more for your energy than you actually need to.

In both situations, there are things you can do to put things right.

If your bill is wrong

It happens. Unfortunately, according to some reports it happens a lot with energy bills. Incredibly, over 4 million households have been overcharged by their energy supplier as a result of billing mistakes.

It’s estimated that each customer was overcharged by £72 on average meaning the energy companies raked in nearly £300m more than they should have done. Reasons for this happening vary - bills were calculated based on the wrong plan details, incorrect fees were charged, inaccurate meter readings were applied, people were simply charged twice and some even had bills that didn’t add up properly.

It’s really important given that mistakes can happen that you understand your energy bill and check it properly. If you do find an error, contact your supplier immediately to get them to sort it out and if you need to, register your complaint.

Am I being overcharged for my gas or electricity?

Are you just paying too much?

There’s a fair chance that your bill is right but you’re simply paying more for your energy than you need to. The onus is entirely on you as the customer to seek a better deal, so be proactive.

Which? has estimated that nearly 20 million households are being overcharged for their energy which could be eradicated with a simple switch of supplier. Despite repeated calls for consumers to look at switching suppliers, 71% of gas customers are sitting on expensive standard tariffs and 88% of households remain with the big six energy companies.

You may have seen in the newspapers or heard on TV that energy companies have reduced their standard rates. They have but there could be more to save.

Some customers are able to get the cheapest available tariff  at around £820 per year ** when they’ve switched to a new energy tariff so it’s worth taking a look yourself.

Across the whole of the UK, over all age groups, customers are saving huge amounts of money. You can have a look at our Energy Snapshot to see the savings that our customers have made each month.

If you’re on a standard rate you will almost certainly save money by switching. Have a look at your bill and check. Even if you’re on a fixed tariff it’s still worth checking every 6 months or so whether there’s a better deal available.

We shop around for most things, energy should be no different. There aren’t just six providers of energy these days, there are now over 30 so it’s a good idea to look around.

Keep that bill to hand, pop over to our energy comparison service and find out what you can save. It’ll literally take a matter of minutes and you might find that it’s a really valuable few minutes.

** Based on OFGEM Bills, prices and profits data for dual fuel average available paperless tariff paid by direct debit with typical domestic consumption values at February 2018