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Can I save money by switching energy supplier?

Historically, we’ve not been as gung-ho about switching energy suppliers as a way of saving money as we have other products. Whereas shopping around for our car insurance has become the norm for some of us, around 30% of households have in the past said that they’d never switch energy supplier.

This might be starting to change. Earlier this year Energy UK reported that there’s been a record number of switches so far in 2016. It’s not hard to see why.

Saving money

With fluctuating energy prices, not all energy suppliers pass on savings to their customers. You can sometimes find your energy bill is just getting higher and you could be getting a better deal with another provider.

Savings can certainly add up so it could be worth shopping around. Have a look at our Energy Snapshot to find out about some of the savings we’ve helped our customers make.

Best deals

The best deal for you will always depend on your personal circumstances, but we can tell you the highest saving tariffs that we’re seeing each month, which can be found in our Energy Snapshot.

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Busting the myth – it is easy to switch

Don’t believe any myths you hear about how difficult it is to switch suppliers. These days, switching supplier can be quick – the whole process should be done in no more than 21 days with 70% of energy suppliers thanks to the Energy Switch Guarantee. Switching can be done with no risk whatsoever of leaving yourself without supply.

For those using our website, the process boils down to this:

  • Give us some details of your current supplier and usage – all information that you can find on a recent bill.
  • We’ll do the hard work behind the scenes and present the tariffs you could choose from and the savings you could make.
  • You pick the energy plan that best suits you.
  • We’ll either help you make the switch or put you in contact electronically with your new supplier who will arrange the switch and ask for meter readings.
  • Your old supplier will send you a final bill.
  • Job done, count your saving!

Other ways to save

Switching is probably the best way of saving significant money on your energy bills, but it’s not the only way.

If you don’t change the price of your energy, you could reduce your bills by using less of it. Pretty obvious yes, but did you know that just a 1°C reduction in your thermostat setting could save you 10% on your heating bill?

Forming good habits will also save your money. Turning lights off when you leave a room, only boiling water in a kettle that you’ll actually use and avoiding the use of energy guzzling dishwashers and washer driers until you have full loads will all help.

Other than usage, you could also look at improving the energy efficiency of your home. With grants, such as the Warm Home Discount, possibly available to assist you, spending some money upfront to upgrade your boiler or installing alternative energy sources could pay back handsomely in the long run.

What are you waiting for?

We hope that in this guide, we’ve answered the question categorically, yes you really could save money by switching energy supplier. We reckon you’ll agree that those are sizeable savings too. Find out for yourself today just how easy it is to switch and what you’ll save in the process.