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Collective Switching

It has never been easier to switch your energy supplier. Not only do we make it simple, we’ve saved our customers over £34 million* so far in 2016 with an average saving of £461.23 a year. What’s more, collective switching, or group switching, could help you save even more… 


What is a collective?

A collective is defined by the Oxford dictionary as follows:

1. Done by people acting as a group
2. Relating to or shared by all the members of a group
3. Taken as a whole; aggregate


Historically, collectives have been groups of people coming together to negotiate bigger discounts on a product or service. Energy collectives allow people who are all striving to reduce their gas and electricity bills to come together as one single force and save money.

Collective Switching
how collective energy switching works

That’s great - but what does this have to do with saving me money?

Well, over the last couple of years we’ve secured several successful collective energy switches. These collectives have seen customers buying new tariffs and switching their gas and electricity in their thousands. The more people in a collective, the more power you have to get hold of better prices.

Collective switching allows us to negotiate harder with gas and electricity suppliers to bring you even better deals. You see, if a provider has the opportunity to secure large numbers of new customers quickly, they’re a lot more likely to put their best deals forward.

Switch and save today

We’ve always been a huge advocate of switching and here’s why: according to our most recent Energy Snapshot, those in the North East saved an average of £619 and if you’re aged between 65-79 then your average saving could be as high as £739. Those that switched to our highest saving tariff in April 2016 saved an average of £1,190! Switching annually will almost always save you money and taking advantage of collective deals could save you even more.

switch and save money on gas and electricity today

A note from our experts…

Peter Earl, our Head of Energy and Utilities, says, “Collective switching puts the consumers back in control. By coming together as a group, they can help drive down the price they pay for their gas and electricity. In 2016 we’ve already helped our customers save over £34 million* on their bills by switching energy suppliers. And these savings will only grow as we continue to source exclusive deals for our customers.”

How to sign up to the next CTM collective switch

In order for us to notify you of our next collective, you’ll need to have completed a quote with us before the start date of the collective and ensure you’ve got your email preferences switched on so that we can send an email to you announcing it. If you don’t have your marketing preferences ticked then you won’t receive an email notification but you’ll still be eligible to switch. You’ll also be able to find more information on site.

If you don’t already have a account, you can sign up now.

*Total sum of savings calculated from CTM customer switches from Jan-Apr 2016.
All average annual savings are based on energy bill switches data in April 2016. Click here to find out more.