Energy collective summer savings with EDF Energy’s ‘Simply fixed’ tariff

It’s time for summer savings to last all year, because EDF Energy have a great 12-month fixed rate tariff in the latest energy collective. At an average annual cost of £865 for dual fuel customers (based on monthly direct debit payments) giving an average saving of £277 a month,1 EDF Energy’s Simply fixed tariff is one of the cheapest of the ‘big six’ suppliers and one of the best value energy deals in the UK.

Give me the lowdown

Prices are fixed until August 2018, and the great thing is – it’s available to you no matter where you live. The tariff will only be around from 20 June 2017 until 30 July 20172, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to be quick.

EDF Energy’s Simply fixed is available on dual fuel and electricity only – the price you get will depend on how much energy you use. Dual fuel customers could pay £865 for the year by monthly Direct Debit based on average usage, but if you sign up for just electricity it could be as little as £4663. Just enter your details to get an accurate quote.

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How do I sign up?

If you’ve compared the market with us before and got a quote on any product, then the next time you search for great energy deals – the EDF Energy’s Simply fixed tariff should pop up in your results selection. We’ve extended the deadline so you’ve got a bit longer to take advantage of the deal, so you’ve now got until 30th July 2017 to switch to this deal. You don’t need to have bought from us previously – just getting a quote will be enough for you to access this deal. We’ve increased the capacity of this deal to the first 60,000 people who sign up so you may want to be quick if you’re interested. 

But why EDF Energy?

EDF Energy is one of the most recognisable energy brands in the UK – they also happen to be rated five stars for customer service. Plus, EDF Energy produce more low-carbon energy than anyone else in the UK,so not only will your wallet thank you – the environment will too.

Why bother with an energy collective?

Everyone’s a winner when a collective gets together – suppliers are guaranteed sales and customers get access to better prices – what’s not to like? Without the strength of a collective, individuals wouldn’t have the buying power to negotiate top notch deals; so why not join the collective – it’s literally, power to the people.

Is there anything else I should know?

Unless you’ve been sitting in the dark, you’ll know that energy prices have been steadily increasing – and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. So, unless you like paying more than you have to, why not join us and see what you could save. Go on – you might surprise yourself, start comparing right now.

1  EDF Energy deal costing an average £865 a year is the cheapest big six gas and electricity deal right now in the UK. This is for an average UK home paying by monthly direct debit. Savings calculated against the latest OFGEM Supply Market Indicator for average UK home energy bills. UK average dual fuel bill for next year calculated as £1,142 a year.

2  Tariff is available from 00:00 20th June 2017 and closes 22:00 30th July 2017

3  EDF Energy collective an average £865 a year is the cheapest Big Six deal for the average UK home paying by monthly direct debit. The average annual energy usage for a home is currently defined by the energy regulator Ofgem, as 12,500 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh of electricity per year and is currently £1,142. Correct as of 20th June 2017

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