As the cold snap is in full swing, many of us have started to think about our energy costs. If you’re turning up the thermostat, you could be worried about the bill that will eventually come through the door.

But according to our latest research, that needn’t be the case. We found that in December 2015, many of you were making smart switches and benefiting from some amazing energy deals.

So what kind of savings can be made with these switches? Some of the figures may surprise you. Those of you who switched in December to Sainsbury’s Energy’s Price Promise December 2016 tariff earned an average saving of £969.92! While not everyone might be able to find such a saving, it’s certainly worth a look.

 Many of you are finding that you can get greater savings by choosing providers other than the Big 6. As you can see, extraenergy accounted for a whopping 50% of switches in December with deals that seemed to meet your needs better than existing suppliers, so it’s worth comparing all options.

James Padmore, our Head of Energy, said, “December was a great month for energy shoppers, seeing big increases in average savings. Consumers are switching away from the Big 6, with the likes of Sainsbury’s and Ovo Energy offering hugely attractive tariffs and tempting people away from their traditional supplier.

“Whilst the average saving for every age group has gone up over the last month, the biggest beneficiary by some distance is the 65 to 79 year old age bracket. This age group stood to save £530.65 on average in December, an increase of £183.96, or 53%, on the previous month. However, this age group only makes up roughly 9% of the switching market, so news of this huge average saving should serve as a wake-up call to switch supplier.”

We know you’re often put off from switching energy suppliers because you think it’s going to be a long, drawn-out process. But that’s where you’re wrong. Our Snapt app allows you to quickly and easily compare energy tariffs based on your usage. Just scan the QR code on your latest bill and then you’ll be able to review the cheapest quotes based on your needs. It’s that simple!   

For the less tech-savvy among you, never fear, you can compare energy tariffs  or by phone or post to see if you can save too.