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Save time and money by setting up EnergyCheck – a personalised service that lets you know when there’s a better energy deal available. AutoSergei will do all the legwork so you’ll never have to spend time searching for better energy deals again.

Peter Earl From the Energy team
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Why should I set up EnergyCheck?

EnergyCheck can help you stay on top of your energy costs. You will receive an alert once a month as an email. Some of the benefits include: 

  • You’ll never have to overpay for your energy again – just sign up and keep an eye on your notifications. We’ll let you know if your current tariff is still a good deal or if you can save money by switching to a new deal. 
  • You can set your EnergyCheck preferences – you choose the type of tariff, the minimum savings you want us to look for, and whether or not a supplier rating matters to you. 
  • You’re in full control – we’ll never automatically switch you over to a new deal. We just let you know about better tariff deals from our providers, including any price saving. The choice to switch provider remains up to you.

Does it cost me anything to use the service?

No, this hassle-free feature is free of charge and you can opt out at any time. Our service is no different from the rest of our comparison offering: we’re paid a fee each time someone switches their gas or electricity, having found their new supplier through us. Don’t worry, this fee doesn’t change the price you pay to the product supplier, nor does it affect the way we rank the products you’ll see.

How do I set up EnergyCheck?

You can set up EnergyCheck using your browser or our Meerkat App. The first thing you’ll need is a Compare the Market account, so that we can store your alert preferences for your EnergyCheck. Then just follow these three steps:

Step 1

Sign into Your Account and use a previous quote, or start a new quote by answering a few questions about your energy 

It’s helpful if you have your most recent bill to hand – or at least know your current provider and how much you pay each month – so we can make an accurate comparison between your tariff and any new deals

We can provide you with quotes without knowing your provider or tariff, but as we won’t know about any potential exit fees it’s difficult for us to be sure on the exact savings you could make. This is why we ask for your current tariff end date for certain tariffs.

Step 2

Set your preferences to activate EnergyCheck

  • If you’re using your browser, you’ll be able to set your preferences in the top right-hand corner on your Energy results page.
  • If you’ve downloaded our Meerkat App, select ‘Set up EnergyCheck’ to set your preferences.

You’ll need to tell us:

  • Which type of tariffs you’d like to hear about – either fixed rate or variable.
  • Your preferred payment plan – choose between monthly, quarterly or pay on receipt
  • Whether or not you’d like to set a minimum supplier rating – you can choose between 5-star, 4-star & up, 3-star & up or ‘any’
  • Whether you’d like to edit your minimum savings figure – that’s the price at which we let you know about more competitive deals (for the majority of customers this will be inclusive of any exit fees). The lowest you can set is £50 a year, but you can change it to £100 and £150.

Step 3

Review and check the savings available 

Once your EnergyCheck is activated, you’ll be able to see the savings available that day. Plus, we’ll regularly search energy tariffs and alert you when we find a deal that meets your preferences. If there are better deals available, you’ll still be in control of whether or not you want to switch. If you want to edit your alert preferences, you can do so at any time.

How often will you contact me about my EnergyCheck?

We’ll send you an email no more than once a month. We won’t spam you, we’ll just confirm that based on the information you’ve provided and the assumptions we’ve made you’re on a great deal, or we’ll let you know about a better deal that meets your criteria that you can switch to. 

You can check the savings available to you at any time – you don’t have to wait until you receive an email. Just go to ‘Your account’ and you’ll be able to view your latest savings.

How can I edit or delete my EnergyCheck?

After you’ve opted in, you’ll be able to edit your preferences at any time in ‘Your account’. Here, you’ll also be able to delete the alert. If you move home you’ll need to make sure that you update your details in your account. To see how we use your information, have a read of our privacy policy.

What else can I do through the app?

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