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Green energy is a term used for energy generated using ‘renewable’ sources that won’t run out, like wind, water and sunlight and is more environmentally friendly.

Much of the energy we generate is produced using fossil fuels which take millions of years to form, and so will eventually run out. Green energy sources are renewable because they are constantly replenished. This is good news for us and great news for Planet Earth!

The amount of green energy being generated is increasing all the time, and now there are some suppliers that promise to provide some or, in some cases, all of their energy using renewable sources.

Compare green energy

If you like the idea of helping our environment, we can help you compare green energy prices using our price comparison page. Whether you are looking for your home or your business, it's quick and easy to compare green energy prices and tariffs.

Just run a normal energy quote, and once you reach the page full of quotes, refine your search by ticking the ‘green’ box under tariff types. Green energy tariffs will be listed, as well as information on why they’re green. It's not always just their energy that is green, some providers offer paperless billing and other eco-conscious policies.

Understanding green energy tariffs

There are different tariff options available. Fixed tariffs ‘fix’ the price of your energy for an agreed period of time. You’ll only be charged that fixed rate for the energy you use for that agreed period of time. But remember that the cost of your bills can still vary depending how much energy you are using.

People like fixed deals because they don’t need to worry about energy prices rising. But on a fixed tariff you won’t benefit if energy prices drop – you’ll still be paying the fixed rate until the end of the agreed term.

If you choose a standard tariff, there’s no set period. That means you can switch supplier or tariff whenever you like, without any restrictions like exit fees. The name of this type of tariff might vary between suppliers, so look out for both standard and variable tariffs as they’re often the same thing.

Standard tariffs are often more expensive than fixed tariffs. If you struggle to budget be wary of prices going up as well as down, and weigh up the benefits of having a good idea of how much you need to pay each month, depending on the usage of course.

It’s easy being green

The good news is there are other ways you can save money and help the environment. Using less energy and being more energy efficient is kinder to the planet and reduces your energy bills.

It's much easier than you think! Stop leaving lights on when you leave a room – you know you do it! Electrical equipment like televisions, speakers and phone chargers still use energy when on standby or plugged in if you do not turn them off at the socket. By switching appliances and chargers off at the socket you can save money while helping the planet too. Look at our energy saving page for some more useful tips.

If you want to save even more, there are independent advisory services who can give you guidance on other ways to save energy. Energy grants calculators will look into whether you are entitled to any assistance with energy bills and provide advice on making your home as energy efficient as possible.

The Energy Saving Trust and Citizen’s Advice Bureau both offer help with lowering energy consumption and help you make a complaint if you have any issues with your energy provider.

If you receive the Warm Home Discount (a benefit for pensioners) make sure your new supplier offers this. Not all suppliers do and if you don’t use it you lose it.

Whether you want to switch electricity supplier, gas supplier or both we can help. It takes minutes, could save money and is easier than you think.