How Do I Get a Smart Meter |

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How do I get a smart meter?

New smart meters are being rolled out to replace our existing gas and electricity meters.

Given there are estimated to be around 53 million meters in 30 million homes and small businesses, the process is going to take some time. Current targets are to complete the roll out by the end of 2020.

Though the replacement was brought about by the government’s commitment to meet EU targets, it’s not being centrally planned or led. This means that each of the energy companies is managing their own roll out. As a result, the different energy companies are at quite different stages in the process.

How should you go about getting one?

Well you can just wait. Given each of the energy companies has made the same commitment, sometime between now and 2020 you can expect to hear from them and start monitoring your energy consumption. Especially when so many people would recommend them, it's defintely worth considering. 

You could also contact them yourself. You could start by checking their website to see if there are details of their plans and timelines.

If not, you can give them a call and ask them the question. The answer to a large extent may depend on where you live. A number of the energy companies are pursuing region by region rollouts, so it depends when they plan to get to your area.

How do I get a smart meter?

What does the installation involve?

You just need to be in the house for the switch over. That’s it! The installation itself is relatively straightforward. On average it takes about one hour per meter to install the new one, but it may vary by property.

After making an appointment, engineers from the energy company will do the physical meter switch. They will also install the in-house display that gives you details of what level of energy you’re consuming.

Finally, they should offer to carry out an energy-efficiency inspection of your home and give you energy-efficiency advice. This shouldn’t include any ‘selling’ as they’re forbidden to use the changeover as a selling opportunity.

Then start saving

Where are the different energy companies in their rollout?

It’s hard to be specific, and you can only really find out about your individual situation by contacting the company yourself. Read our guide to smart meters to find out where the roll out is up to.

So if you’re after a better deal on your energy, why not compare prices today and see if you can save even more?