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How do I switch my business energy supplier?

If you’re in business, switching energy supplier might not be top of your to do list. If it’s been a while since you checked your electricity contract, you may be able to save money by switching so you might want to pencil it in.


Why switch energy supplier?

Inertia is the friend of utility companies. Businesses often find themselves on what are known as rollover or evergreen contracts. What this means is that the contracts simply renew when they reach the end of the term.

While the supplier may well have written to you in advance of the rollover, they’re not under any obligation to renew at their best rates. Your prices may have gone up with each renewal and you could be paying considerably more than you need to.

Of course there may be other reasons to wish to switch supplier. You may be dissatisfied with the service they provide or have had a complaint poorly handled. Whatever the reason – we can help.

How do I switch my business energy supplier?

Can I switch supplier at any time?

Not necessarily. Many contracts run for a period of between one and three years. During this time your unit prices will remain the same but you’ll be unable to switch to a new deal without being hit with a penalty which in some cases could be significant. However, it’s worth weighing up the savings you could make with the cancellation fee to see if you could save more in the long run by opting out early.

It’s important to check your contract end date as switching at this point will be easier and without any potential fees. This period is known as a 'switching window' and could be anywhere between 30 days and four months in length.

Don’t rely on your supplier telling you – take the initiative and find out so you’re in control of your potential savings.

Switching gas and electricity

If you’ve ever switched your domestic energy, you’ll know that you can opt for what are known as ‘dual fuel’ tariffs which include both your gas and electricity. However, we unfortunately don’t offer a dual fuel tariff when it comes to businesses.

That doesn’t mean you won’t save by moving both your gas and electricity to the same provider of course. It does though mean that you will need to compare your gas and electricity pricing individually when you use our service.

switching business gas and electricity supplier

Compare business energy with comparethemarket.com

It’s our business to help save you money. We can do this by helping you compare energy prices from a number of leading gas and electricity suppliers.

Doing so is really simple.

It’s a good idea to start by pulling together your current details. If you have your contract or a recent bill to hand, that’s a start. To know what you can save, you need to know what you currently spend – make note of the current prices that you are paying.

We need only a few simple details. For example:

  • where your business is based?
  • who is your current business supplier?
  • your supply type and possibly your meter numbers. Your meter has unique registration numbers, a MPAN (meter point administration number for electricity meters) and a MPRN (meter point reference number for gas meters). They’ll be found on your bill or the meter itself.

Then we can search a range of energy providers to find prices from the leading commercial energy suppliers.