How we get paid by energy suppliers |

How we get paid by energy suppliers

Ever wondered how the whole energy comparison and switching thing works? Like, how we decide what great deals to show you and how exactly we get paid. Well, wonder no more, because here are the ins and outs you need to know when it comes to energy suppliers and how we go about getting you the most for your money.

How do we get paid?

In a future world, money might not exist, but at the moment, it makes the world go around and we’ve partnered up with energyhelpline to make sure we all benefit from energy switching.

So, this is how it works – you search for top notch energy deals and then we find them for you. If you decide to go for the big switch, then our friends at energyhelpline will do the hard work and make it all happen, and as a reward – they get commission – and we get a little slice of it too.

Now, if you’re cynical, and you think it all sounds a bit too straightforward and are contemplating what the catch might be – then stop right there. Because the truth is – there is no catch and it really is as simple as it sounds. The commission that we and energyhelpline get, has no impact on the price that you’re given and you’ll find the same quote whether you go through us, or went to the energy supplier directly. Many energy suppliers are happy to pay us to distribute their tariffs – they see paying us commission as a cost-effective substitute for having to spend money on expensive advertising to attract new customers directly.

Ok – so why can I switch to some but not all tariffs?

You can’t always have your cake and eat it and it’s the same with energy switches. There are all sorts of reasons why you might not be able to switch to a particular tariff – even if the same supplier offers other tariffs that you can move to through us.

It could be that a particular supplier is small and doesn’t have the capacity to deal with an influx of new customers. In some cases, energy providers may simply prefer certain tariffs to only be available directly through them; or, they might choose to limit availability.

Another reason why certain tariffs might not be available, is if the energy supplier in question decides not to pay any commission, and if they were switchable through us – well, let’s face it, there’d be nothing in it for us. Whilst that sounds a bit churlish, it essentially means a supplier is getting free marketing and if all suppliers took this approach, we wouldn’t be in the business of energy comparison for very long at all So as we want to stay in the business of saving you money on your energy, we’d rather prioritise the energy suppliers that will help us do that.

Ultimately, being choosy about which suppliers we automatically show, creates even greater competition. The result will hopefully be that more energy providers choose to work with us and offer customers their very best tariffs. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) agree, and have said:

For prices to be kept as low as possible, there needs to be competition between companies to offer the best possible deal to their potential customers.”

“Digital comparison tools have played a big part in changing markets for the better, bringing new ways of doing things and forcing businesses to up their game. Consumers have benefited as choice and access to goods and services have grown.”

Andrea Coscelli, CMA

Why should I use

“Shopping around and switching can directly benefit consumers, but they also strengthen competition”
Digital comparison tools market study, CMA

Like most of our customers, we love a good deal and we’ve made it our business to help you get value for your money. Plus, we’re actually pretty good at what we do and nine out of ten customers would recommend us to a friend.^

We also think life should be simple and without the hassle of extra chores. So, if you set up an account with us, you’ll only ever have to enter your details once – saving you time and giving your fingers a rest from all that typing.

But it gets better, switch through us and you’ll qualify for 2 for 1 cinema tickets* for a whole 12 months – you won’t believe how popular you’ll be when your friends find out. If you’re on a roll and make a second qualifying purchase within the year*, then you could find a meerkat winging its way to you (a toy one obviously – because real ones don’t travel too well in the post).

Who exactly are the energy suppliers and what sort of relationship do they have with

Ok – so here’s the nitty gritty. The table below contains a list of all the energy suppliers that provide gas and/or electricity to mainland UK; and so that everyone knows where they stand, we’ve also shown which suppliers are switchable through us**.

It’s also worth noting that and energyhelpline offer the greatest choice when it comes to finding a supplier you can switch to – well, we are after all – so why go anywhere else?

Energy supplier's that are switchable through

- Bristol Energy
- British Gas
- Bulb Energy
- Co-operative Energy
- Daligas (gas only)
- E.ON
- Economy Energy
- Enstroga
- Extraenergy
- First:Utility
- Flow Energy
- Future Energy
- Good Energy
- Green Energy

- Green Network Energy
- Green Star Energy
- iSupplyEnergy
- M&S energy
- Npower
- Npower
- PFP Energy
- Powershop
- Sainsburys
- Scottish Power
- Solarplicity
- Spark
- Toto Energy

Energy suppliers that are switchable through

Energy supplier's that are not switchable through

- Affect Energy
- Avro Energy
- Better Energy (gas only)
- Breeze Energy
- Brighter World Energy
- Cardiff Energy Supply (gas only)
- e (prepayment meter only)
- Ebico
- Ecotricity
- Entice Energy
- Fairerpower
- Fischer Energy
- GB Energy
- Gen4u
- Glide Energy
-Go Effortless

- Igloo Energy
- Iresa
- Nabuh Energy
- National Gas
- Octopus Energy     
- OneSelect Energy
- Peterborough Energy
- Robin Hood Energy
- So Energy
- Southend Energy
- The Energy Deal
- Together Energy
- Tonik Energy
- Utilita
- Utility Warehouse
- White Rose Energy
- Zebra Power
- Zog Energy (gas only)

Energy suppliers that aren't switchable through

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