A simples guide

Is switching supplier complicated?

While there’s been much publicised concern over energy prices in the UK, we remain as a nation, reluctant to switch suppliers. In fact, it’s estimated that over 60% of the population have never switched.

One of the reasons cited for this, is that it’s simply too complicated. People think it’s bound to become a palaver, and some even fear that their supply might be interrupted.

So, is it true? Is it complicated to switch energy supplier, and for that matter, will you lose your supply while you’re doing so?

Is switching complicated?

It certainly doesn’t need to be complicated to switch energy suppliers, no!

In fact, if you use our comparison site you probably need no more than about 10 minutes of your time, know your postcode, and it’s really helpful to have your last bill to hand too. Why? It just makes it a bit easier if you have your tariff and usage information in front of you, that’s all.


So how do I do it?

Enter your postcode, tell us whether you have your bill handy and whether you want to compare gas and electricity, or just one or the other.

Then you tell us who your current supplier is and what your current usage is. That can be either in units of energy used (stated as kWh: kilowatt-hour) or how much you pay. This information is simple to find on your latest bill.

Choose whether you prefer a fixed or variable tariff and how you would like to pay. Press enter, sit back and hopefully marvel at what you’ll save!

If you see a deal that you like the look of, click for more details. Assuming you’re still happy, you click ‘switch now’ and job done.

What? It’s that simple?

Well we’ll ask you for some contact details, but yes, that’s it.

The switch of service is managed by your newly chosen energy supplier. You will receive a letter (or email) from your new supplier and one from your outgoing provider, confirming the switch. The two suppliers agree the final handover date so you’ve no worries about duplicate bills.

If you change your mind, you even have a two week cooling off period when you can back out.


Will my energy supply be affected?

It doesn’t matter which energy suppliers you move from or to, your gas and electricity supply will be unaffected. The only thing that’s changing, is the company that bills you.

Anything else I should think about?

If you are switching suppliers, you need to be aware if you’re contracted to an existing fixed tariff deal. If you are, there are usually cancellation charges for breaking that contract that you need to take into account.

If you thought switching energy suppliers was complicated, hopefully you can now see that it needn’t be. You know what to do. Compare energy prices here and find out what you could save.