As the weather turns and we start to get that urge to huddle indoors with the heating up high, it’s easy to forget all about energy saving or switching. As long as we’re warm, it’s worth it, right? But of course now is the time to get the thinking cap on under the woolly hat, and consider some of those little basic ways we can save energy and feed the piggy bank.

Do away with draughts

Around the average house there are a ridiculous number of places that the heat gets out and the cold gets in. That gap you’ve noticed under your living room door is a big one. Stop it with a simple, old-school draught excluder – either buy one or make your own (and get the kids involved).

Don’t boil over

Need a cuppa to warm your hands on? Don’t fill the kettle unless you’re making one for everyone else. Boil only what you need – and use it right away. We’ve all wandered off and then found we needed to switch the kettle on again.

Turn up for what?

Try turning the thermostat down one notch. You might not even notice the difference in warmth.

Prepare to snuggle

Be more ‘hygge’ – embrace the Danish concept of cosiness. Chunky jumpers, lots of layers, big socks and soft blankets are your friends. You can even get blankets with sleeves, if wearing your bathrobe back to front makes you feel and look a bit too strange.

Wash the lot

When your thermals need refreshing, make sure they’ve got company. Filling the washing machine up saves energy – and don’t forget to empty it right away, so you won’t feel the need to do one more rinse.

Put that light out

It’s true – turning off a light you’re not using saves energy, even if you soon turn it back on again. Get into the habit and you could save yourself a few pounds on your bill.

Feed the freezer

If there’s space in your freezer then it has to work harder, using more energy. Fill up what you can to keep your icebox happily occupied.

See about a switch

It’s always worth considering switching energy suppliers – chances are you could be on a tariff that’s higher than it should be, costing you more. It doesn’t have to be any more of a hassle than finding the neck hole in your wooliest jumper.

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