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Millions of Londoners are rationing their fuel usage this winter due to the high cost of energy. We’ve polled over 1000 households across London and uncovered some worrying findings, including a correlation between rising fuel costs in London boroughs and the level of concern over increasing energy prices in households.

Almost a third (30%) of Londoners said they simply couldn’t afford an increase in costs caused by a period of unusually cold weather.

Spine-chilling figures
When it comes to the affordability of heating, 70% of the Londoners we quizzed admitted to being “concerned” about the issue. Half (49%) said they will need to ration their energy usage this winter, while only a quarter (24%) of respondents said they never feel the need to cut back during the cold.

The research also shows that the average annual energy bill in London stands at £2,058 per year, forcing many to turn down their heating to save money.

London energy map
If you or a loved one lives in London, have a look at our interactive map showing the average energy costs and savings that people can make through switching across each London Borough. Then get sharing! 

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Peter Earl

Peter Earl

Head of Energy


“It seems incredible that many Londoners are rationing their fuel on a regular basis. While rationing is more associated with the time of the Blitz, it is clear that many Londoners today feel the pinch to the extent that they would sooner go cold and keep costs down, rather than turn their heating up.


“Londoners, relative to the rest of the UK, are infrequent energy switchers. This is driven in part by the sheer number of renters, who are often less engaged with their energy bills than homeowners. As a result, many are still languishing on uncompetitive tariffs. However Londoners can help themselves and potentially save hundreds of pounds by looking at the best tariffs in the market and switching. By doing so, many will be able to keep the heating on longer, and not go cold this winter because of their worries about the cost of their energy bills.”

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