So far this year, an incredible 3.3 million energy switches have been made across the UK – with nearly 400,000 household switching supplier in September alone. As a 21% increase on September 2015, these record-breaking figures suggest that consumers are becoming much more savvy when it comes to their home expenditures.

With numerous initiatives in place to encourage consumers to compare and find themselves a better deal, it’s never been easier to switch your supplier and maybe save yourself some money. For example, the Energy Switch Guarantee is dedicated to ensuring a hiccough-free, quick and secure process, with its 10 commitments covering the energy firms supplying 70% of UK households.

Their promises include providing an uninterrupted service - so no need to worry about being cut off for a few days in the middle of winter – as well as a cost-free switching service. Your new supplier will even arrange the switch themselves! Initiatives like this one have really helped to educate consumers and alleviate any stresses or concerns when it comes to switching, so if you have any worries we recommend giving their 10 commitments a read.   

Energy UK’s recent data also showed that 19% of all switches in September were to smaller suppliers – that’s over 70,000! Shrewd consumers and accessible information means that suppliers can’t rely on their big names anymore; in our September Energy Snapshot over 15% of switches were made away from the Big Six and only 22% towards them. The energy market is more competitive than it’s ever been, so ensure you make the most of it by shopping around!

So now that winter’s approaching, why not join the other 3.3 million energy switchers this year and comparethemarket today? You just might make a big saving…