Smart meters coming to your home soon

Smart meters. They do the same job as your old electricity and gas meters only, well, smarter!

Unlike the meters that most of us still have in our homes today, with their digits whirring onwards and upwards, the new smart meter comes with a digital display. Its smartest feature is that it connects automatically to mobile networks and transmits the readings automatically to your supplier.

That’s right, no more knocks on the door for meter readings or requests to do it yourself. No more estimated bills either.

The smart meters are also likely to be accompanied by an ‘in-house display’ which shows you real time, how much energy you’re using. There’s every chance that if you have a device where you can see your usage, you’ll control your energy use better and, as a result, save money on your bills.

The plan is to roll out smart meters to every home in Britain. Though the process is likely to take until 2020, some energy companies have already started the roll out to their customers.

Smart meters coming to your home soon.