How Long Does it Take To Switch Energy Provider

A few years ago it used to take nearly two months to switch energy suppliers. It was a long and drawn out process, but thanks to new government regulations and Ofgem guidelines this has reduced considerably for some suppliers with the Energy Switch Guarantee. It’s a great time to switch, so let’s take a look at the switching process and find out how quick it really is...

Get to know your bill

Don't just skim read your bill. Agreed, it can be an arduous task reading it from start to finish, but it really is worth it. If you have trouble deciphering all the jargon and mass of numbers have a look at our understanding your bill guide. Your bill outlines the contract you've taken with your current supplier – there's a section all about your current tariff or plan. It will detail the plan name, the type of deal, how long it lasts and importantly when you can end the contract and if you can if there is an exit fee.

Limitations on switching

There could be limitations to switching if you’re bound into a fixed contract, however you may be able to pay a cancellation fee to switch earlier. Also if you are in debt with your current supplier, contact them to see what your options are or speak to citizens advice.

Switching Times

The following details are correct as of May 2017

Energy Supplier Switching time
Affect Energy 17 days
Avro 17 to 28 days
Better Energy 3 weeks
Bristol Energy 3 weeks
British Gas 2.5 weeks
Bulb Energy 21 days
Co-operative Energy 21 days
Daligas 3 weeks
Economy Energy 3 weeks
EDF Energy 3 weeks
Engie 3 weeks
Enstroga 3 weeks
Entice 21 days
EON 2 weeks
Extra Energy 5 weeks
Fairer Power 5 weeks
First Utility 3 weeks
Flow Energy 3 weeks
Future Energy 3 weeks
GB Energy 21 days
Glide 6 weeks
Gnergy 5 weeks
Go Effortless 17 days
Good Energy 3 weeks
Green Energy UK 5 weeks
Green Network Energy 3 weeks
Green Star Energy 3 weeks
Iresa 5 weeks
iSupplyEnergy 5 weeks
M&S Energy 3 weeks
npower 3 weeks
Octopus Energy 2 weeks
One Select 19 days
Ovo Energy 5 weeks
Peterborough Energy 5 weeks
Places for People Energy 4 weeks
Powershop 17 days
Robin Hood Energy 3 weeks
Sainsbury's Energy 2.5 weeks
ScottishPower 3 weeks
So Energy 3 weeks
Solarplicity  3 weeks
Spark Energy 3 weeks
SSE 3 weeks
Tonik 21 days
Toto Energy 3 weeks
Utilia 5 weeks
Utility Warehouse 3 weeks
Woodland Trust Energy 5 weeks

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