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Tips on Saving Energy in Summer

When it comes to energy saving, we all need to start somewhere but summoning the get up and go can be hard. Especially when it comes to summer – after all, summer’s all about ice creams, lazing outside, BBQs, sticking your feet in paddling pools and only coming inside to go to bed. But that’s why the warmer months are exactly the right time to get going with saving energy – here’s how.

Why summer’s perfect for saving energy

Think about it – it’s hot (or at least it’s meant to be) and chances are you won’t be inside much doing things that use loads of electricity like sitting in front of a fire watching TV because it’s too cold to do anything else. And because the weather’s finer, it means you can devote the time to assess your house properly and do all those little jobs you keep putting off in the winter.

We’re not talking about making big, fancy changes but just doing little bits here and there should be enough for you to notice the difference in your energy bills. Summer’s naturally all about being outdoors and there are lots of ways you can use this to your advantage – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to cut household bills.


Top tips to save energy over summer

  1. Awnings: Oldies but goodies, but sadly awnings are often overlooked as being a bit old fashioned – images of faded, frilly coverings sticking out awkwardly from the back of your house. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Awnings come in all sorts of stylish designs and will give you a cool and shady place to sit rather than staying indoors and cranking up the air conditioning.
  2. Let the sun shine: For most of us, it’s not keeping warm that’s the problem in summer, but as we get older, we start to feel the cold more (even in summer when everyone else is in vests and shorts). So if you’ve got older relatives get them to open all the curtains, keep them open for as long as possible and get the sun to warm up rooms naturally, it should mean they can turn the thermostat down lower and save on costs.
  3. Stay shady: But if you don’t feel the cold then keep rooms shady by drawing curtains and blinds throughout the day – especially in bedrooms so that you keep out as much heat as possible.
  4. Ceiling fans: These use far less energy than air conditioning units so it’s worth investing in these rather than expensive air con.
  5. Solar panels: If you’re environmentally minded and don’t mind coughing up for the initial expense, these are a worthy investment – you’ll generate your own energy – for free.
  6. Insulation: It’s not just about keeping the warm air in during the winter, having a well-insulated home means you’ll keep cool air in during the summer too – so it works both ways. Summer’s a good time to get this sorted and you’ll be nice and cosy in time for winter – bonus.
  7. Lower water temperature: Reduce your hot water temperature during the summer, it’s doubtful you’ll be having hot showers and you’ll save money.
  8. Ditch the tumble dryer: Dry clothes outside instead, the sun will kill any lingering bacteria and will keep whites, white. Your clothes will also have that lovely ‘outdoorsy’ smell that no tumble dryer sheet can ever replicate.
  9. Use the BBQ: There lots of benefits of this, not only are you saving energy by not using the cooker, you won’t heat the house up in the process. Plus, dining al fresco also makes us feel a bit continental and sophisticated doesn’t it?
  10. Windows: Ok, so this sounds really, painfully obvious but opening windows and letting the breeze through your house is nature’s way of helping you stay cool – so dust off the cobwebs and open the shutters, it’s time to let the house breathe.

Summer’s also a great time to start thinking about switching supplier if you haven’t done so for a while – before all those winter heating bills start to rack up. You just need your last bill handy, answer a few questions and we’ll take it from there -  start comparing today.