With British Summer Time officially over, there is no denying that autumn has arrived bringing with it darker and colder evenings. Whilst many of you are undoubtedly seeing how long you can wait to put the heating on, for many the thermostat was turned up weeks ago. Either way, nobody wants to be paying a fortune to stay warm this winter so making some small changes now could help keep costs down as it gets chillier.


We teamed up with Tots100 and Skint Dad to host a Twitter party all about how to save money on your energy bills. As part of the Institute of Inertia, which launched last month, we prompted people from all over the UK to send in their top tips using the hashtag #Gettingitdone. For an hour we took over Twitter and you all shared your advice on saving money on your energy bills this winter.


We want to make sure everybody gets the opportunity to save money on their gas and electricity bills this winter so we’re sharing your top tips for #Gettingitdone:


  • Upgrade your boiler: A newer boiler might save you money as they burn fuel much more efficiently and recover more heat. According to The Energy Saving Trust, some of you may even qualify for a free upgrade so it’s well worth looking into.


  • Deal with the draughts: Use masking tape to seal window frames or draught excluders under doors to stop the warm air escaping and the cold creeping in.


  • Fix your floors: Fill those gaps between floorboards and keep your rooms insulated- it should help keep your rooms nice and toasty.


  • Be savvy and switch off: Are your plug sockets turned off when they’re not being used? Are you turning things off or leaving them on standby? Are you boiling a full kettle for one small cuppa? All of these small measures could help put the pounds back in your pocket.


  • Indulge in a duvet day: Duvets and hot water bottles can offer plenty of comfort and warmth on those colder evenings and weekends and could allow you to be savvier with your heating.


  • Wash at 30°: Wash on a low temperature; it helps you to save on your gas and electric whilst also helping the environment.


  • Light bulb moment: LED light bulbs use very little energy and often last a lot longer than conventional light bulbs so switch the light bulbs throughout your house and help bring those electricity bills down.


  • Switch and save: Comparing energy prices allows you to check you really are on the best, and cheapest, tariff for you. Switching is now even easier with our new Snapt app. In just 10 seconds you can compare your gas and electric prices just by using the QR code on your latest energy statement.