One-year fixed rate energy tariff with TOTO Energy – for a limited time only

One-year fixed rate energy tariff with TOTO Energy – for a limited time only

What’s the big deal?

TOTO Energy is offering a one-year fixed-rate tariff that could save customers who switch both their gas and electricity an average of £317* a year on their energy bills.

A stress-free way to pay for your energy, the duel-fuel Annual Saver V2 tariff costs an average of £818 a year, making it the cheapest* fixed-rate tariff in the country.

To qualify for this great-value deal – which is only available to new TOTO Energy customers through and directly through TOTO Energy – you’ll need to pay your 12-month annual estimated bill up front.

You’ll need to hurry though, this deal is limited to 5,000 switches or until 8am on 3 April 2018 (whichever comes first).

Who is Toto Energy?

TOTO Energy is a Brighton-based energy supplier who works with local co-operatives. As the company has access to electricity and gas at wholesale prices, the company is able to offer its customers cheaper energy.

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How does the deal work?

  • Once you’ve agreed to switch to TOTO Energy, you’ll have to pay up front for a year’s gas and electricity supply.
  • This annual payment will be the estimated annual bill cost shown for the tariff when you complete an energy quote or edit an existing quote on our website. 
  • The payment will be taken as a direct debit 10 days after you’ve agreed to switch, and will appear as a credit on your account. After a further 10 days your new supply will start. 
  • After six months, TOTO Energy will send you an email to review your current levels of usage to make sure you’re paying the right amount. 
  • At the end of your 12-month contract, you’ll have to settle anything you owe to TOTO Energy and if you’re in credit, you’ll get a refund.
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What else should I know?

Remember that you’ll need to pay any outstanding balance you might have with your existing energy supplier.

If you change your mind within 14 days and no longer want this tariff, there are no exit fees and any payments will be refunded to you within five working days.

If you decide to proceed, it’s worth noting that if you choose to cancel this tariff before the 12-month contract term, fees do apply. It’s a £50 charge for gas and £50 for electricity.

As part of this deal, you can get a Smart Meter installed free of charge, if you wish. It’s also worth noting that the Warm Home Discount is not available with this supplier.

This offer comes with paperless billing, so all of your contact from TOTO Energy (including bills) will be via email.

How do I sign up?

Simply complete or update your energy quote through If the deal is available in your area, it will show in your results.

Don’t forget to check if you have any outstanding balance with your existing energy supplier before taking up this deal.

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Terms and conditions

*TOTO energy Annual Saver V2 tariff costs an average £818 a year, which is £317 less than the current typical cost of a UK gas and electricity bill of £1,135 a year. The next cheapest fixed tariff in the country is Breeze, Breeze Fixed Saver 2018 at £830 per year. These costs are for an average UK home paying by monthly direct debit on a standard gas and electricity tariff with a Big Six supplier. Average usage is currently defined by the energy regulator Ofgem as 12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh of electricity per year. If your usage is higher or lower than this, the rates will be fixed and the amount you pay will depend on your usage. Prices correct as of 13/03/2017.

TOTO energy Annual Saver V2 tariff is exclusively available through and directly through TOTO energy. Only new TOTO energy customers who switch both their gas and electricity to this tariff, have paperless bills, manage their account online and pay their full annual projected cost upfront can switch to this tariff. Economy 7, Economy 10, Prepayment, White Meter (Scotland’s Economy 7) and those with British Gas smart meters cannot apply for the tariff. The tariff rates are fixed for 12 months from the start of supply. The upfront payment is for the annual projected cost which should be a realistic assumption and will be collected within 10 days of the application using the details provided. Toto will review your account after 6 months and let you know if you are likely to have under paid. There is a £50 per fuel cancellation penalty if you leave this supplier or change tariffs after 14 days of switching and within the 12-month fixed term period. Toto Energy will contact you towards the end of the 12-month fixed term to offer you a new tariff. If you do nothing you will automatically be switched onto their Monthly Direct Debit Standard Variable tariff. On cancellation or at the end of the fixed rate tariff period, TOTO will produce a final bill and any outstanding balance or refund which will need to be settled within 28 days. Only available to 5,000 customers or until 8am on 3 April 2018, whichever happens first.

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