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When we get an energy bill through the post, it’s not often that we stop to actually read it. It’s probably partly because we don’t want to know how much we’re spending on our gas and electricity (because that’s boring stuff) and partly because we don’t know how to. Energy invoices are awash with various statements and numbers and they can be hard to decipher – so here’s a rundown on translating your EDF energy bill.

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How do I read my EDF energy bill?

There are different types of EDF energy bill. Which one a customer receives, will depend on how they pay their bill and whether they have gas or electricity only or a dual fuel bill. All the essential information will be the same such as customer name, account and meter number. The only real difference will be how payment information is set out.

Regardless of the type of bill received, energy statements contain the same basic information such as: customer details, what’s owed and whether or not any savings could be made by switching to a different tariff. 

Use our interactive EDF energy bill below to explore a typical EDF bill:

example of an EDF energy bill

What information do I need to switch from EDF?

All the information needed to switch supplier can be found on your EDF bill such as: current energy supplier name, tariff name, if you have an economy 7 meter (for electric), how you pay for your energy and your monthly or annual energy consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours) or pounds.

Use our guide below to find this information in your EDF bill:

How do I switch from EDF to another supplier?

Switching is easy and even though all the information is on the bill, it’s not necessary to have it to hand to find a better deal. Bear in mind though, the more detail provided, from your bill or otherwise, the more accurate the search and comparison will be.

When it comes to searching for a new energy supplier, simply start a quote and answer the questions – that’s really all there is to it. We’ll then pull up a selection of tariffs and energy suppliers based on what you’ve told us and you can see which one you fancy.

How does the switch work?

When you make the decision to switch, your new supplier will do the legwork. They’ll contact your existing supplier and agree a date for the changeover and it could take just 17 days for the switch to happen. The only things you’ll have to worry about are settling any outstanding payments or getting credited for overpayments with your old supplier, and taking a meter reading to give to your new supplier – that’s pretty much it. You can discover more about the ins and outs in ‘The switching process explained

Remember to check if EDF will charge you an exit fee for leaving your tariff early. You can find this on your bill, which we show in the interactive guide to switching info above. It’s also worth noting that Ofgem’s Fairer treatment standards of conduct means that suppliers can’t charge you an exit fee if you switch within 49 days before your tariff end date (even if your bill says you have an exit fee).

How can I reduce my EDF energy bills?

Lots of things can be done to save energy – like turning down the thermostat by a degree; having showers instead of baths or swapping traditional light bulbs for energy saving LED ones. It might feel like a chore, but little changes around the home really can make a big difference to energy bills.

If you’re struggling and just can’t see where savings can be made, check out our Home energy saving tips. It’s full of practical advice about how to get costs down – we promise there’s nothing in there about wearing a dozen layers or bubble wrapping the windows.

Why should I compare energy deals?

Getting a good deal is about value for money and it’s impossible to know what you’re getting without comparing. At the moment, suppliers only need to tell you about their own lower priced tariffs – but why only choose one supplier? Think outside the box and see what you could save elsewhere – not just with them; let’s compare

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