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Let’s be honest – reading your Scottish Power energy bill isn’t like reading a book – they’re no fun and they’re not very straightforward or easy to read. But once you’ve got your head around the fact it takes four pages to tell you how much gas and electricity you’re using and how much it’s costing – they’re pretty straightforward – it’s just a question of understanding and knowing what to look for. So, if you’re interested in knowing what you’re spending on energy or what you need to know from your bill to switch, stick with us and we’ll take you through your Scottish Power energy bill in more detail.

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What information do I need to switch from Scottish Power?

All the relevant information needed for switching can be found within your bill. In order to switch, you’ll usually be asked for:

• Supplier name
• Tariff name
• Whether payments are made monthly or annually
• Your energy consumption – either in kilowatt hours (kWh) or pounds

Use our guide below to help you find the switching information in your Scottish Power bill.

How do I switch energy from Scottish Power to another supplier?

You can start searching for deals on your gas and/or electricity – just enter your energy usage and payment details when prompted and we’ll show you energy tariffs from suppliers so you can compare the deals that suit you best. If you don’t have a bill handy, then don’t worry, you can still search but your quotes might not be as accurate.

But if all that still feels like too much work, then how about getting a tailor-made quote in about 10 seconds – you just need a smartphone. Our Snapt app captures the QR code on your bill (the pixelated box) and decodes all the information stored in it, in order to find energy deals that match your needs exactly – clever code. Download the app from the Apple store and Google play.

Why is my Scottish Power bill so expensive?

All but one of the ‘Big six’ energy suppliers have announced price increases this year. Only British Gas have held off – until August 2017 anyway. Scottish Power – like the other energy Power players – blame an increase in the wholesale cost of gas and electricity as well as government projects like the Smart meter rollout and the need to subsidise green energy schemes.

How can I reduce my Scottish Power energy usage and stay in credit?

Saving energy isn’t rocket science. Simple things like using energy saving light bulbs and switching them off when you leave a room are just two really basic ways of reducing energy bills – find more energy saving tips in our interactive house.

If you’ve got a bit more cash and are happy to look at long term energy saving ideas, then making your home more efficient is the way to go. That means, insulating lofts and cavity walls and making sure your boiler’s in tip top condition – if it’s old and on its last legs, it won’t be giving you any value for money. And if you really wanted to future proof your home – then why not invest in some solar panels and make your own renewable energy.

Should I cancel my Scottish Power energy contract?

That’s entirely your decision – but before making it, check whether there are any exit fees for leaving your fixed rate tariff early – we show you how to find this in the guide above. If there are, work out if those fees are worth paying or if they cancel out any potential savings made by switching.

If the sums don’t add up because of hefty exit fees, then just bide your time. Because under industry regulator Ofgem’s new standards of conduct, your energy supplier has to give you a 42-49 day window before your fixed rate tariff ends to switch without paying any exit fees. This is literally your window of opportunity and if you decide to switch during this time, then your supplier can’t charge you for doing so – even if there is an exit fee.

Why compare energy prices?

Comparing stuff means getting to look at all the options (or as many as is reasonably possible) and looking at all the options is a good thing. It means having choice, confidence and getting something to suit – because what’s right for one, might not be for another.

So, whether you prefer to search the old fashioned way – make your comparison right here – you could save yourself a small fortune.

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