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Who Are The Best Energy Suppliers?

Nobody likes to be second best and nobody likes to feel like they’re getting second best, so when it comes to choosing ‘the best’ energy supplier – that should be exactly what you get. But in reality (and like with most things) ‘the best’ is really a matter of opinion and one person’s gold star could be another’s ‘must try harder’. So what really matters?

What makes an energy provider the best?

That’s really down to what you value. For some it’ll be price all the way and no amount of poor customer service, botched up bills or endless listening to ‘on hold’ music will ever detract from that. But you might be someone who regards good customer service as most important and therefore that’s the deciding factor for you.

As a customer you might think you’re limited as to who supplies your energy, but that’s not necessarily the case – you do have a choice and it seems more of you are making the brave decision to switch supplier. Pretty much everyone’s heard of the ‘big six’ (British Gas, EDF, EON, npower, SSE and Scottish Power) but you’ve actually got a choice of over 35 electricity suppliers and 39 gas providers – that should give even the fussiest of customers enough choice.

What benefits might one energy supplier offer over another?

Some providers focus on certain things such as Ecotricity which offer customers 100% renewable energy – so if you’re concerned for the environment this benefit might outweigh any additional cost compared to cheaper deals offered elsewhere. Citizens Advice offer a lot of information on energy supplier performance - you may wish to check this out before making a final decision on who to switch to.

But the big six are still big for a reason – and that’s probably because they still offer some of the most competitive deals on the market, and for many households, cost is still the most important factor when it comes to deciding who the best gas and electricity provider really is to them. For example, British Gas have recently introduced ‘free’ electricity one day a week on some of their smart meter tariffs and EDF energy don’t have any exit fees on some of their popular tariffs meaning you won’t be penalised for switching to a better deal. Some may have an easy to read energy bill and others may take pride on their quick switching times

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So what does make an energy supplier good or bad?

 Ultimately that depends on what you want out of your energy supplier. There’s no doubt that cost will play a critical part in you deciding what’s best for your home and your purse strings. However, while some customers are happy to pay a bit more for green energy or great customer service, that won’t be a priority for everyone.

Our data shows that the average UK energy bill is £1,138 a year** which is a lot of money for what’s essentially switching on lights, boiling kettles and doing some laundry – wouldn’t you rather switch, save and spend some cash on more exciting things?

***Based on OFGEM Bills, prices and profits data for an average of dual fuel, direct debit and available paper tariffs from the six large suppliers at May 2018.  

How do I know I’m with the best supplier for me?

You can search and compare prices online – and save money by switching suppliers.