Many of us are already feeling the cold, with temperatures recently dropping below zero. And with a record cold winter predicted by experts, it would seem that this is just the start. Weather experts are predicting one of the worst winters since ‘The Big Freeze’ of 2009/2010 and we’re expecting that this will have a huge impact on energy bills over the coming season.

In fact, according to our new research, this year’s freezing temperatures are set to make a serious dent in all of our pockets. We Britons are likely to see a collective £1.2billion increase in energy bills thanks to the winter white out. This means you could be £46 worse off on your annual gas bill.

Our research shows that 1 in 3 of us are actively shocked when we open our gas bills, but following an extreme winter like this, the surprise is likely to be even nastier for a lot of us.

James Padmore, our Head of Energy, says, “’El Nino’ is set to cause a winter of financial discontent. The increased use of gas to heat homes will put a large dent in consumer finances. The £46 that we calculated may be added to a household’s annual energy bill is a sum of money most people would prefer to spend on Christmas presents at this time of year.”


And what’s more, the impact of these freezing temperatures could be even greater for those who haven’t already sought out the best deals. Our latest data suggests that the majority of people who switch their energy provider save substantially over £200 a year, which would more than cover the extra cost of warming your home this winter.

You can compare energy providers now to make sure you’re on the best, and cheapest, tariff for you. Switching is now even easier with our new Snapt app, which allows you to compare gas and electric in roughly 10 seconds just by using the QR code on your latest energy statement.