When it comes to renewable energy tariffs, young adults are keen to go green… And they’re willing to pay for it. Our new research, based on a poll of more than 2,000 people aged between 18 and 24, shows that almost two thirds (61%) of the nation’s young adults would spend up to £50 more to get their energy bills from a ‘green’ supplier.

Whether or not you fall into the so-called ‘young adult’ category, it’s worth having a look at where in the UK people are shopping around for new tariffs.

Mapping green energy

comparethemarket.com’s research suggests green energy tariff switching proportions are low, averaging 4% of total changes, with the North East and the North West being marginally more prone to ‘going green’.

Our green energy map shows how each region fares in terms of green tariff switching.

Green energy around the UK

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